Monday, 27 December 2010

Nike controlled the American basketball team

Nike Shoes For Women control of the American basketball according to American media, in the U.S. national team can't become world champions seize the hero, the bucks guard Jennings grumble, he has to journalists, so can't be in the national team, because they are not of Nike signings.

Jennings performances last season, was on a jing scoring 55 points, but all this did not impress national team, he did not receive a letter from American basketball association international invitation, but he also come into the league with a rookie Evans and garage but into the dream team. Facing this embarrassing, Jennings in media before vent his displeasure. "This thing I said not, all in them. But if you want to know why this is, you really should observe carefully observe, (international) half of the players to wear Nike, I didn't say this and Nike relevant, but nike shoes sure operation have many things in it. "Jennings said.

"If the us team has me, it would appear to be particularly clever and lively, can I take some unusual things. But they don't want Under Armour (Jennings sneakers sponsor) to attract public attention."

Be worth what carry is, in USA 12 people lists, only Chauncey billups and Ross not Nike sponsorship. And in early August 25, Jennings had in micro blog writes: "they don't want me. Look Nike control of the American basketball team."

Jennings sponsor is NIKE company in American future competition Under Armour.

Wade not in a man fighting the lakers Miami "enemy" upgrade

Because once had ShaKuiEr o 'neill this man's existence, the lakers with heat, always a bit orlakers-spurs between QingQiu flavour, 2006, shaq help the heat get together with dwyane wade was first in the history AoBuLaiEn cup, previously, in 2000, 2001 and 2002, shaq with the lakers for three consecutive years to get the championship ring, have Bryant companions. Later, shaq left Miami, wade when I'm afraid to see kobe Bryant would some envy envy hate -- kobe Bryant nearby have pau gasol, and some all-star teammates, but wade is bit lonely, but from the beginning of this season, wade is no longer a person fight.
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"Feel very good!" Miami on Christmas wars beat the lakers after wade, saying: "I remembered the day before the, for the first time, we can, in the face of the lakers with elite teams in the guise, of course, they are very strong. This is the first time, I without in game inside with my teammates said: 'if we can put points in the fourth quarter gap down, so we'll have already been regarded as playing so well." "

The lakers tosha artest during pregame how will talk about their defensive lebron James said that he "strategy is to provoke lebron angry", but the result is same happy with dwyane wade lebron and nonchalance. "Little emperors" the scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, and this is his first three times this season to obtain "3 double", this also is Miami first time in the history of someone in the Christmas wars hit "3 double".
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The Christmas wars fundamental key from the beginning is not so "warm" and kobe Bryant, lebron's on the pitch against, through television pictures can see lebron has been murmured, post-match a journalist asked him at say what, lebron said: "I am to ask his Christmas got what gift?"

Mood obvious as dwyane wade and lebron good Bryant, he played 39 minutes, 16 shots only six of scored 17 points and six rebounds and seven assists, he said after the game, the lakers outshot badly, perhaps because consecutive title, a little confidence overslept. He said: "the game was need serious thing. You can't take two rings he said: 'enough, we had already have got something very satisfied." I can't let this situation development bottom go to."

Lakers coach phil Jackson also because his own dislikeable guardian, with Miami coach si Bohr Stella played a small "saliva wars." The heat by 8 victories and 6 defeats record after starting, phil Jackson has when interviewed said he believes the si Bohr Stella are likely to be "class", and they were pat riley replace manager position, at that time, polk Stella no comment. While in Christmas wars before the last training later, phil Jackson 45-day said he thought, Bohr Stella is "the best coach", the latter heard what had happened, disdain evaluation way: "I didn't want how to hit back yesterday, he may be a bit boring!" (

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hodgson: team performance penalty not to participate in the war in Europe somehow

September 25 Beijing time, Sunderland's 2-2 draw with Liverpool after the game, Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson told Sky Television in an interview. He said that although the team did not win some regret, but the team showed in the game the hard work and determination should be affirmed. In addition, he could not accept the penalty kick of the game.
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After the game, Liverpool had a three victorious, with just 6 points to finish 15th in standings, Hodgson did not win the game for the team was very disappointed, but he also affirmed that the performance of his disciples. Hodgson said: "This is not the result we want. We need a win. But overall, we need such a performance."
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For the first 25 minutes the referee awarded a penalty Sunderland, Hodgson that the referee is to find balance. "I think the penalty is the referee to give them compensation. I do not agree this is a handball. Handball must be intentional, but no one can convince me this is a deliberate handball. I'm really surprised about this penalty."

Sunderland successfully removed in 1 minute at Anfield, Hodgson that this is their strength is. The team also gains in this game a lot. "Sunderland are a good team. They have good players, if we can not defend well, then they will give you create a lot of trouble. But in these 90 minutes, I think we are worthy of recognition 1 point better than to get more meaningful. I'm sure fans will appreciate the team's efforts and determination of the players. It was a little progress. "
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But Hodgson in the end should be more efforts to remind the players, after all, still can not behave like this in the fierce war in Europe to win the Premier League qualification. "Premier League this season, very intense. If we can win the game today, maybe will find the standings we have stayed at the fourth or fifth position. I do not think we are like a team should want to participate in the war in Europe Some performance. competition between teams and players are very keen. We need to work harder to unite as a team. a lot of new players this season to join the team, but we do not have enough time to run teams. through the efforts You can see our results. Rome was not built in a day, we must work hard. Of course, I have a group of hardworking players. they will all try to make their own better. "

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Huntelaar appearance Schalke Magath: I hope he can get 25 goals

Beijing on September 8, just in the European Cup qualifier Huntelaar scored twice to help the team win the official debut Schalke 04. Coach Felix Magath personally presided over the ceremony and handed the team's No. 25 jersey Huntelaar hands. The new season will be the Netherlands front of God and his old teammate at Real Madrid's Raul up front alongside Schalke 04's "Royal" will be officially declared war to the Bundesliga.Airshoes

European Championship qualifier in the first two games, Huntelaar state fiery, sweeping all five balls and help the team take six points. Ongoing goal is clearly to help the Dutch striker out of the poor play last season in the shadow of Milan, in talking about the new season goals, Huntelaar said with confidence: "Schalke 04 is an excellent team, but has not won the championship for many years. I came to Germany just to help the team win, I am happy to accept this challenge. "
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Coach Felix Magath can not help but express his appreciation for the Dutch striker: "I believe that Huntelaar will quickly integrate into our team. He was one of the top players always know where you can goals, and excellent final blow. "Huntelaar in the team for the role, Magath said he would take up the task team of the arrow character. Huntelaar is clearly pleased with this: "In the month before the World Cup, I have been playing right-avant-garde in Milan. This is not my characteristic rhythm is also completely wrong. I like the activities in the restricted area, where I always to find scoring opportunities. "for his strike partner Raul, Huntelaar is clearly not new:" Raul is a great player and we have no problem with each other. "
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Huntelaar from Milan to introduce 14 million euros spent Magath, Huntelaar also understand their intention to introduce the team: "It is simple, to help the team win is my goal. It may be very difficult We can not win in the new season, but the season has just begun, the team is still adjusting, everything in time. "

Becau Air Jordan Chaussures se of their often wear jersey No. 9 and 11 spoken for at Schalke 04, Huntelaar chosen 25. Magath said this confidently: "25? Yes, I hope he can progress in this season, at least 25 balls!"

Thursday, 26 August 2010

French team doctor and then exposed by eating 98-year doping scandal to win the World Cup win

South Africa's World Cup in France on Strike players just before the big trial ended on August 25 in the "Le Parisien" again be exposed a scandal, according to former team doctor for the French team - Pierre - Paclet revealed that in 1998 World Cup on the eve of the host team's patients blood samples seized most unusual, suggesting that relying on the French team has allegedly taking illegal drugs to win success (mens Jordan Shoes ) a major suspect.
Let - Pierre - Paclet this week will publish a biography books, records in the past for the French team services bit by bit, it certainly exposed the best-selling book points to shady scandal like the privacy. The day before the book was published, Paclet doctors to accept the "Le Parisien" interview, revealed that the Zhongda News: "For the World Cup in 1998 before the opening of the blood examination revealed a good few players quite exceptional French team . When you understand that this is the effect of which several players club, you certainly remember with a lot of suspicion, even a step back, take in the rules of the border is an open secret. "

Paclet doctors stressed that "I do not hide any facts, there is such a high blood cell density does not prove that they took the EPO (Running Shoes ), so we need not worry about what the evidence. State the reasons for victory, and this ratio anything else is more important, another year of economic growth that is the lifeline of the country, can not be shaken ... ... But anyway, you can not say if we can find trace evidence of tracking. "

This is not the first time questioned by the media that support the World Cup that year uniform doping, such as the effectiveness of Juventus's Zinedine Zidane was France captain Didier Deschamps has been investigated whether the injection of drugs in the club. Similarly, after "Equipe" has pointed out that the World Cup in France in 1998, many big teams have players take to the pharmacy in connection with a certain effect and not leave evidence of the handle being caught. Paclet doctors blood test revealed abnormal, in fact very difficult to take the medication as evidence of the players complained, but he did come forward, said it was public opinion on the French team's suspicion and mistrust will be aggravated.

There are also a rival show, such as the same in 1998 as the French team doctor Jean - Maher - Ferre, former colleagues on the express act of self-exposing scandals surprised as, in his view the situation from a doctor describing not Paclet so terrible: "We did not find anything, then a check is indeed found two cases of abnormal blood cell density, but only because the league very long fatigue. No one forced me to do any thing, my conscience is clean. Chaussures Sports "

2000 France became the World Cup and European Cup double winners, but years later, around the French football seems to only endless scandals and criticism. First Franck Ribery Benzema suspected of prostitution to prosecute child prostitution investigation, then that Anelka contradict Domenech, Evra, who boycotted training plan and a series of storms, who, rumor predecessors ate doping suspicion. Arguably considered the French national team's troubles, the French team's troubles with bad news far not known everything about genome.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Interview Ababa: the opening game to Qinxia too much competition for Newcastle United striker

Berbatov talk about the Community Shield victory, said he was on the champion's desire, and to explain why he felt able to become a Manchester United player, is very lucky ... PUMA FUTURE CAT

"This may be a part Ababa season," Ferguson Berbatov in the last week witnessed in the Community Shield game against Chelsea scored a fantastic goal in mind, said after.

It is the goal, but also ensure that the record Manchester United won the Community Shield the 18th championship, while Dimitar Berbatov says he is ready to become the team's key players, helping Manchester United win more this season champion honors ...

Beat Chelsea for the league championship this season, with what significance?

At the start of the season, to beat the top teams such as Chelsea, there is always a good thing, they are our league rival, the victory will no doubt everyone: players, officials and fans, a great encouragement, it was a tough race, but I think the team deserve to be the final winner.

But if we can not beat the league's opening match of Newcastle, this victory will be meaningless ... NIKE AIR MAX 360

Absolutely, we know it would be a tough game, and some players need to return to the national team in the week, international competition, but we are prepared well and train hard every day, the league's hope we can opening match of three points.

Newcastle is not a newly promoted general, they have a wealth of Premiership experience, just downgrade a season, returned to the Premier League, do you think of them this season what kind of results?

They are a good team, I had the opportunity and they had co-coach, which is in Tottenham, he is really good, a good man, a good coach, and I wish him and his team, can have good results this season, but not in the game!

You quit the national team in May, which is why, this is what your club career help?

All good things of the feast, long time ago, I said to myself, to almost 30 years old, would step down, more opportunities to young players, you need to know when to end, which for me is the right time, I can now put all focus to Manchester United in the season have more time to rest, and then watch their national competition.

You have done this summer, you take the time to analyze the successes and failures of last season it?

Yes, back home in Bulgaria, I have thought about these issues, we all want to win the league title and to pay all the efforts, but the result is disappointing, when one end of the season, next season beginning, in fact, not separated by a very long time, everyone now has a new well prepared.

Ferguson said that this season may belong to one of your season, do you agree?

I hope this is part of our season, the most important success of the team, Women are all the challenges before us do acheter air jordan fr , we all want each Bisai win for the fans to bring Kuai Le, for me, The significance of football in this.

Manchester United players have always said that every season can learn a lot, then at Manchester United two seasons, you learn anything?

When you are the best team for the effect of, you know they must work hard to achieve the level of the team would encourage you continue to grow, the golf course is so that when you join Manchester United, you will realize Here, you can learn a lot of young players, here is a school, teach them how to become the best player, this is a unique club, a real club like a big family, no matter where , as long as you say Manchester United, you immediately think, this is the world's largest club, you have the opportunity to come here to be clear from the team within this club, this is really very lucky.

Click into the Manchester United official website in Chinese
You are at the forward companion Hernandez has had outstanding performance on the court, you give him any advice, should the effectiveness of Manchester United after the huge concern?

I'm not used to recommend to others! He only needs to hear the views of close relatives and the coach to continue the current momentum, I've seen his World Cup goals, as well as in the preseason, the train and saw his performance in the competition He is a good man, if he can continue the current momentum, I think he can have a very bright future.

His arrival, as well as Owen back from injury, which head coach in the front line have more choices ...

Yes, absolutely, every match, the forward will be very fierce competition, but will also inspire you every day to maintain the best state, told the coach that you are progressing, it makes you get growth, the team will be very helpful.

Finally, your personal goals this season, what is? Chaussures Sports

I just want to have good performance and enjoy the game, more goals and assists, football is like art, my goal is to create some of the court, good things, help the team be successful, our goal is to re- won the league title, we know we have the strength to do it.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Wealth flowing to the letter predicted that God made Paul a large school of fish claw money

At 4:49 p.m. on the July 10, 2010

2010 World Cup in South Africa since the "issue" claw fish Paul has predicted 6 games 100% hit rate. As early as in 2008 for Euro test in six games Paul, not only to predict the final correct. nike shox torch

"Prophecy God" Paul not only for the fans happy, but also brings great profit, the German media on the joke: "If Paul knew gambling, then it would be the World Cup, the richest octopus. If the breeder to listen to Paul Paul , he is estimated to have a net worth of millions. "

We may also wish to calculate the revenue Paul. William Hill had odds of six games wins for Germany, Australia (1 lost 1.50), Germany negative Serbia (1 lost 6), Germany wins Ghana (1 lost 1.44), Germany, England win (1 lost 2.9), Germany, Argentina win (1 lost 3.25), Germany, Spain, negative (a lost 2.6), if only 10 ringgit as the principal input, the six fighting down profit reached 3175 ringgit. If the last two wars, Germany wins Uruguay (nike chaussures sports), Spain fell Netherlands (1 lost 2.20), the final profit will reach staggering 11,874 ringgit, that was 1187 times the profit rate.

It is worth mentioning that the last two games, octopus Paul's prediction and the views of many gaming companies, like: Germany will be given a third and finally claim the championship of Spain. This is just a coincidence or was the operation of factors?

High morale bullish orange bamboo chest surging

At 4:58 p.m. on the July 10, 2010

(Johannesburg 10 AP) Monday morning, the World Cup final will be staged at the final battle, two all the way through the trials of the "orange army" The Netherlands and "Matador" Spain will be in Johannesburg quitting. The two teams have never had the World Cup aspirations to run, no matter which side won, will create a new history. At the same time, this is the first time in 32 years the team has not snatched the World Cup to participate in the World Cup finals.

The new Division champion will be born

Netherlands World Cup semi-final encounter Shangzhang crack of South America, Uruguay, the team with Cheap Nike Shoes. here, midfielder and winger Arjen Robben Shinaizeer the construction of a successful end to more than 2 out of 3 of the World Cup with a "dark horse "said the Uruguay into finals. This is the Netherlands following the 1974 and 1978, after the final of the showcase tournament for the third time.

Netherlands binary outstanding

Into the World Cup final to the Netherlands, Shinaizeer and Arjen Robben are all contributed, they were among the club continued its excellent performance, which Shinaizeer David Villa scored five goals and tied for the World Cup Marksman the forefront of foot table. However, the Dutch attacking class, the defense has been the team's weakness, but the coach is seriously Adidas Chaussures defense, which the Dutch defense in the World Cup performances this season and significant progress. However, knockout in the last three games, each team Jieyou clean sheets, the face of very aggressive play Spain, the Netherlands defense challenge. Dutch defense binary Van der Veer and Mathijsen lifted back, will return to the starting lineup.

Braved the European Cup as the country of Spain in World Cup opener on took a plunge, but the coach time to adjust Bosque formation, as a victory for a Spanish king to reproduce the style. Shang Zhang contest the semi-final with Germany, Spain occupied after start field advantage, full advantage of tight defensive player of the array of personal technology, made it difficult to Germany played like this the first races fill the gap between the counter. Results 1 corner team used the opportunity, a header by the Running Shoes meritorious deeds, to 1 to 0 out of opponents, the first time in advance of Spain's World Cup finals history.

Spain gorgeous ball

Spain's real power and the biggest advantage is to have a large number of the world's best midfield genius, they will point to the extreme tactics of interpretation, but also played a beautiful ball defense tactics. 6 World Cup matches, Spain's only two losses of a few, and the three knockout games without losing a ball, called the World Cup's best defensive team. In addition, the core of strikers David Villa's recent performance eye-catching, he has scored 5 goals. David Villa is expected to continue at the front alone, most will not start Torres into battle. David Villa attacking force superior performance mediocre defense will inevitably pose a great threat to the Netherlands.

Bo handsome: good defense to win the Netherlands

In an interview with the Spanish "sports daily" interview, Del Bosque said that, this zenith of Spain, had high aspirations for their sacrifice everything for the World Cup.

Reporter: World Cup final against Spain to the Netherlands. How do you see the game?

Bosque: The Netherlands is a great team, they should be final. If Brazil win in some places, I think the final will be very tight, and both sides will be kicked out of a wonderful game, as Brazil and Spain have world class players.

Reporter: Are you worried about Robben it?

Bosque: In fact, there is more than the Dutch team and Shinaizeer Robben, Kuyt and Robin van Persie they have ... ... But if we do with the defensive game with Portugal and Germany as a good time, we will win.

Reporter: Sunday's game with the Netherlands, Spain, will make a change?

Bosque: In the past six games, the Spanish put to a lot of players. This game will not make too many changes. Finals, we have studied the time.

Reporter: players because of finals and nervous?

Bosque: not just nervous, we also feel a heavy responsibility for the game. In this tournament, we have been put under pressure. The good news is that most of the players the team ever won. Almost everyone took part in the final big scene, so that the final would be like.

There are ways to curb the powerful Spanish rival Van Gundy is not afraid

War imminent, the Netherlands and Spain also began a series of war of words. However, young and proud with the players is different, the Netherlands coach Puma Cat is relatively cool and calm. He admitted that the Spanish style of play is very beautiful, bigger than Holland more attractive. However, Van Gundy also stressed that the Netherlands is not afraid of competitors.

Spain finished bottom out, so that the Dutch coach Alife Chaussures greatly appreciated, "At this moment, I admit that the Spanish in the game play even more beautiful. They both have the ball or without the ball in the state, have been very perfect. Therefore, I believe these two teams meet in the final definitely perfect for everyone on the feast of sacrifice. "

Earlier, the Netherlands has twice missed the king of the digital world, has become a real Wumianzhiwang. However, Van Gundy indifferent and not interested in history has repeatedly emphasized, "I do not think Xianxin thing of the past, I only care about the upcoming finals. No matter what happened the past are not important, we need to do is ready for the arrival of the final. "

For any team, the deal with Spain's complicated gorgeous foot law, which, Van Gundy said he has a way to deal with Spain's high point, "I will tell the players how to deal with them, but I must now confidential. "

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Germany captain armband ruin the prospects of battle

At two past five p.m. on July 8, Alife Chaussures 2010 before the semi-finals, the German team is out of touch of discordant voices, Ram claimed in an interview to outside, even if Barak returned to the national team, which will not Let the captain's armband. This has one, a German national outcry, but Barak has to leave South Africa depart for home games will no longer watch the German team. Perhaps before this storm, the opening game of a German loss of past games in the fighting, Qianchangpeige no longer smooth, the final 0 to 1 defeat. The dispute before this captain of the Ram, and even Germany, psychological, or is there an impact. Without exception, in this World Cup, all teams appear infighting, have been reported out, the most obvious example is the group stage out of France.

German car stranded unable to forward the final of Spain's first Chuang

At 5:11 p.m. on the July 8, 2010 (chaussures sports) World Cup semi-final 2 games Thursday morning to start competing, "Matador" Spanish 1 to 0 Lectra "German car" in Germany , become the first 12 teams advance to the finals, but also West Germany 1982 World Cup after the first team into the medal final, the defending national champions in Europe. Spain captain Carles Puyol scored the only goal of the second half. 12 am Malaysian time, Spain and the Netherlands, decided at the first eight World Cup title, it will be the first time two teams meet in the World Cup. Final Reunion Netherlands and Germany to create a new record of 98 World Cup competition. Germany coach Joachim Low Select Teluohuofu Gaussian replace the suspended JORDAN 2010 other location has not changed. Spain coach Del Bosque also replace a starter, the race team (not including warm-up) 791 minutes without scoring a continuous loss position Torres, Barcelona winger Pedro for the first time representatives of the national team start. Queen Sofia of Spain to the site to cheer. The opening four minutes, a fan holding a South African horn (Vuvuzela) into the pit, then taken away by two security guards. 6 minutes, David Villa forward runs the formation of single-pole, fell to the ground in front of right foot 9 meters Office, the Neuer fire was promptly closed out attack! Since then, Podolski contradict by Ramos, to the sidelines for treatment. Be the first German first shooting opportunity 32 minutes, Teluohuofu Gauss left foot in front of 27 meters Office volley was closed out of the right goal post Casillas, which created the World Cup in Germany since 1966, waiting for the first longest record of shots. First half injury time, Ozil touch with Ramos fell to the restricted area, the referee Kassai of Hungary did not interrupt play. Spain, the first 58 minutes almost broke, broke into the restricted area on the left Iniesta pass may seem small-angle shot, David Villa after the point of flying is not shoveled! In the most passive, the Lufkin again adjusted teenager who replaced Teluohuofu Ski Cross. 63 minutes, Ramos and Podolski after the point of contact with forward runs Cohesion fell to the ground, he demanded a penalty, the referee Kassai still ignored. 69 minutes, the door 11 meters away from the Cross right foot half-volley relevant statistic procedures office near corner was closed out Casillas! Puyol lore Spanish first 73 minutes to break the deadlock, Harvey left out corner blocked off Hedi La Pique, Puyol in his front nine meters away from the door into the door on the right top of the head office rejection, 1 to 0! Puyol 13 World Cup for the first time the scope of radio frames are scored. This is Spain's World Cup for the first time by positioning the ball with the score, the Spanish market had achieved a 42 to 0 lead in the race were to win. Striker Gomez replaced midfielder He Dila, Lufkin run out of substitutions places, Bosque is who replaced David Villa with Torres. The first 82 minutes, Pedro broke into restricted areas on the right, there is no better place to pass Torres Road, resulting in block A Friedrich, and be back to chasing the ball down under the Cross. Spain will remain to seal the victory wrapped up, become the 2002 German knockout stage after a 3 games a team advance to the finals than 0. Since 1994, all out of Argentina's team are out in the subsequent one. Cover the two teammates Carles Puyol of Spain with a iron hand skill development Puyol goal of 1 to 0 victory over Germany, the first World Cup finals, the goal is positioning the ball in the corner points. Harvey out on the left corner after the ball to the mid-point by the position, Puyol header-hoisting plug success. It is noteworthy that prior to this corner of the Zheng Ding is clearly arranged and deployed, Spain, two players on the front cover Puyol, to help him he denied the German defender. Therefore, Puyol jump Qiangdian, no German player can jump up and his competition for the first point, Puyol grabbed the first ball after the Ruyuan back of the net so as to give Spain into the final. National team career 3 goals Puyol Puyol in the semi-finals unstoppable offense and defense both offense and defense are overwhelming, assists into the winning goal, which is the third Puyol national team career goals. In addition, Puyol is watertight defense. He led Spain in the final and his vision began to honor a grand slam. The performance in both offense and defense both have impeccable Tetsuei won the Spanish hero, a media commentary by 10 points (full marks). He still will be in the final figure in the Netherlands need to be careful. Puyol also escape the television after the match live interview and went straight back to the locker room, he would not grab the limelight. Spanish soccer fans rushed into the final match interrupt 1 to 0 victory over Germany in the final with the Dutch championship. However, only 3 minutes in the opening game, a little Trivia has attracted global attention. At that time, a hand vuvuzela fans into the stadium, leading to competition to a halt. And such a mistake again in South Africa's security problems for the wake-up call. Competition started 3 minutes, a fan wearing a blue shirt of Italy's viewers across obstacles, and rushed into the stadium. And see this "intruder", the Hungarian referee Casei membership immediately stop blowing contest, the man also immediately escorted by two security guards to leave. According to the Associated Press reported after the game, this stadium audience into Cheap Nike Shoes. Ferry, was an Italian fan. The purpose of his action, even to protest against Italy in the early exit of the worst World Cup performance. Desi 90 minutes 0 licenses in the history of World War II the most clean and the World Cup semi-final since the introduction of yellow and red cards after the Thursday morning 1 to 0 victory over Spain, Germany, World Cup semi-final or the first history of the game is not red and yellow cards. Despite the frequent game players snatching both fell to the ground scene, but it is since the 1970 World Cup, the most clean a semi-final match will referee did not even show a yellow card. 1970 World Cup in Mexico, red and yellow card system was formally introduced. Prior to the semi-finals in 40 years, have suffered at least a yellow card. In fact this race was very intense. Germany completed the 31 steals, Spain 11 times. Both sides a total of 16 fouls, including 9 in Germany, Spain 7. Here are a few controversial penalty, such as Ozil in the first 45 minutes in the restricted area was Ramos kicking down the first 63 minutes before the Qiangdian Ramos restricted area behind the uprooting from when Podolski (the latter result end treatment), and then closed before the break Podolski brought down by Carles Puyol, the referee Kassai no penalty. It is worth mentioning that the number of yellow cards received has been very little Spanish. World Cup, Spain 3 group matches are not drawing a yellow card, before the two received three knockout games.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

World Cup 10 false news

Zero at 5:35 p.m. on the July 6, 2010 World Cup in South Africa near the end, many rumors during the shocking news, of course, many of which have been subsequently proven to be false news. Among them, the Chinese media based on hearsay evidence, but also foreign media's malicious speculation. The following is the most widely spread so far this World Cup top ten false news. Gothic country cottage octopus octopus 01 Paul fame during the World Cup in West Germany before World War II, have users on the adoption of ps,Alife Chaussures that octopus Paul predicted Spain to win. Sharp-eyed Internet users at a glance, the picture is fake, and artwork from Germany and Serbia, and the Spanish flag in the middle of the emblem with no sign printed on, how can that be the German's style? 02 Ji Weier was ill before the World Cup, Ji Weier was ill in China's major news media spread like wildfire. The news people on the fade out of sight for a long time full of sympathy for Liverpool star, so his red card in the match with Ghana, under penalty, the media woes. But it turned out, this is only one Australian media from a mistranslation of the newspaper. 03 Laliangda was shot in the Anglo-German war, Uruguay referee Laliangda strange errors committed, the effective kill Frank Lampard goals. Subsequently, an African television news broadcast claiming to be fans Laliangda shot. Later, the television station came forward to clarify this is an error in the broadcast. 04 Ozil wind Boeqier false passport is the World Cup one of the most dazzling star, Turkey, Germany, and not to their choice of coach Guus Hiddink Turkey very sorry. However, this statement been misinterpreted as the Italian media, "Hiddink blamed Ozil the passport is false" and caused a storm is, indeed, ironic. 05 of 32 North Korean team lose dug, the Korean team has been dressed in the veil of mystery, full of curiosity about its. Korean team losing before the game would have sent rumors were dug their rumors, and was reproduced in the national media rush. But this is really a former assistant coach of the Korean team's letter of resignation mouth. 06 Korean players missing in North Korea after 1 to 2 loss to Brazil, "the Korean team of four players missing," the message transmitted was uproar, because the DPRK is its match against Brazil only 19 have submitted the list of games. The truth is that the Korean World Cup team did not make clear the rules and other contest that can only be submitted as 8 substitute. No. 07 jersey in Germany Germany 4 to 0 victory over Australia after the news that the Germans at the front door Encke's shirt is also brought to the South African scene, and accompanied by a picture. This news though warm, but also proved a false message. The reference image is November 18, 2009 Germany home and the warm-up when the situation in Côte d'Ivoire. 08 Buffon in the Italian dressing room was angry with the war in Paraguay, on the 1st door Buffon midfielder was replaced, so was puzzled fans, and even on-site Italian media have speculated that a dispute with coach Marcello Lippi. The truth is that he only just in the locker room in Shanle Yao. England, 09 Anglo-German replay very unhappy domestic defeat of Germany, and even concocted a website, chaussures sports "FIFA confirmed the Anglo-German replay" of the shocking news. In order to improve the news of "authenticity", the site did not forget to add "Reuters quoted the message" this term. At the end of course websites, or affirm its just spoof it. 10 Franck Ribery Franck Ribery birth is a descendant of the emperor, this is probably the longest football spread from the most widely fake news. Even during the World Cup in South Africa also been filed. A lie repeated a hundred times became truth, because of Franck Ribery has been "infected" of Chinese descent, so the French team also played the style of the Chinese team, the end of group stage on home hastily.

Bad performance in the World Cup in Nigeria president ordered suspended for 2 years

(Running Shoes ) As the saying goes, "Every family has in this cupboard" into the World Cup in South Africa when the heated phase, a team go home today, big news came. It is reported that, due to poor abnormal performance at the World Cup, Nigeria's President Goodluck - Jonathan order in 2012 prohibiting representatives of Nigeria, Nigerian national team participated in various international competitions. "President Goodluck Jonathan has ordered the national team the next two years, banned from any international competition, so that Nigeria can rebuild the image of football." Spokesman Ni Boluo at the end of the weekly cabinet meeting, told reporters after said. Nigeria, an official said that FIFA would explain the decision made on the national team, "We took part in the World Cup, but the team found a wide variety of problems, Adidas Chaussures we believe that we should sit down and consider it carefully football problem. "In addition, the President also ordered the funds to use the World Cup team audit. Count the World Cup in South Africa, the history of Nigeria since after the World Cup in 98 years will never win a single game. Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002, they lost to Argentina and Sweden, and the tie after the England team was eliminated. 2006 is not even the African zone qualifying did not qualify. Nigeria's next international match in early September should be the African Cup of Nations qualifier against Madagascar team. But the current situation, and quite probably will not send Nigeria Nations Cup.

Three Lions roar siege popped one day German tanks oath

Three Lions "England Ying Peng," German car "in Germany, example of clashes between, Sun 16-strong battle is bound to put on a wonderful show of scary.JORDAN 2010 Can not miss the wonderful show of England in Group 2 before difficult to get a round win, midfielder Steven Gerrard have scored only 1 goal, and only 2 minutes of England's qualifying product woeful. Fortunately, the fate of the last round of fighting in Slovenia, the former strikers Capello replaced with former Telford 2 battle Husky repeatedly miss the center, before the midfielder Milner replacing Lennon to play mediocre. It is by virtue of a transfer midfielder Milner, Telford a shot, Three Lions team win in Germany, deputy chief and qualifications obtained outlet. Lennie is still the core of Sun, ideally, Barry moved back full-time defensive captain Steven Gerrard on the left wing activities, Lampard to play midfield line core, 3 perform their duties and England midfield line fire is fully open and activate a strong midfield line of the entire offensive line, even if the striker remains Lenny poor state, but he will still coach Fabio Capello beat the opposition of an important piece. not to mention his first three field particles not received,nike chaussures sports therefore, Lenny the field once the outbreak is likely to become the Germans after the defense's nightmare. confront old enemies England's advantage lies in attacking German lines act in harmony, midfielder Ozil excellent condition, Miroslav Klose back after suspension, he and his partner Lukas Podolski as the left to create a great offensive threat. at the back, Adidas Chaussures repeated mistakes, coach tour to take another husband in employing persons in the left back indecisive, plus array Competition of young inexperienced players, will become a German shell. Lufkin injury crisis in any case, when the thigh play against Ghana's Schweinsteiger battle doubtful performance, therefore, is likely to coach Joachim Low chosen as captain midfielder Ram, Ram is the last time a guest in this position in August 2007 warm-up match, Germany beat England a guest, Ram extremely good performance. In addition to Air Shoes . particularly in the match against Ghana replacement bus Deshitubo as the starting left guard Jieluomubo Aten injuries also cause for concern, but scored a record long shots of Ozil you should be able to get rid of battle injuries. in the World Cup, the two grips 4, Germany 2 wins and 1 and 1 to obtain the negative slightly the upper hand. Anglo-German war the shining 5 (a) of the second-round curse according to statistics, in England in the last 10 knockout experience, 5 times a stop knockout the first round, but coincidentally have all been eliminated before the World Cup. round of 16 match, England will once again face the former world champion Germany, the spell will take effect again? (b) the cycle in Germany and England on penalties in the World Cup 4 battle field, the strong will of Germany in the penalty shoot again and again will be reflected. Germany 2 England penalty shootout victory. Therefore, if forced to face the "Russian roulette" battle of the war, not good at kicking points England will hinge ball? (c) whether the breaking ball Lenny shortage in South Africa, Lenny has become commonplace battle 252 minutes, 11 shots is 3 times in total crop failure, count the world in 2006 in Germany Cup 4 games, Lenny attended 7 games in the World Cup have failed to score. So Lenny could do a better job this time it broke a goal drought? (d) the proliferation of German yellow card five players currently in Germany in a yellow card with three main players injured, yellow cards and the proliferation of worry or be forced to coach the wounded were in formations on irregular in the card, which then will add suspense game. (5) Fortunately, the British could continue red? Capello decided to fight against Slovenia at the end of the race all the red shirt out into battle, the results a small victory in England rival the cut. The victory puts England's "lucky shirt" result in increased to 4 wins and 1 level. So, tomorrow to continue wearing the red shirt of England, it can continue lucky? official post power of life and death 42-year-old Uruguayan Laliangda to law enforcement Anglo-German war, he had been in Serbia Australia's battle attracted a lot of controversy, the law enforcement competition scale unsatisfactory. Laliangda World Cup has law enforcement in Côte d'Ivoire 0 0 Portugal and Australia than 2 to 1 match in Serbia, after which a game Laliangda to Offside The reason for strangling Serbia is a goal, followed by a refusal penalty Cahill's handball inside the restricted area, attracted a lot of doubt, be regarded as the international association's "official post" represents. Laliangda was elected to the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup enforcement list, but then report their corrupt colleagues of Uruguay to the Uruguay Football Association's ban was eventually voted off the list of law enforcement. 2006 World Cup in Germany, Laliangda law enforcement four games, was the peak of his career as a law enforcement time, but there are some controversial moments. Among them, the Italian match against the United States, Laliangda a history of four penalties in a World Cup referee the next three players. 2009 Intercontinental Cup, Laliangda law enforcement than the U.S. 2 0 upset victory over Spain in the semifinals. British troops continued to wear the Red Shirt lucky day this week, the 16 Anglo-German war in England able to get the away team, after playing the game with Slovenia, they will continue to wear it pieces to bring them victory lucky red shirt. football there are many superstitious things, such as some players have to kiss the turf after playing, or even just feet first into the venue which also pay attention to, so when a row wearing a white shirt of England draw the United States, Algeria, they finally wearing the red jersey in Slovenia, who recovered after a long absence, the victory, but also in Slovenia before the game, wearing a red England shirt 4 invariably won. Although England's players on the white jerseys more emotional, but I think at this moment they are more willing to wear the red shirt, I do not know the red England shirt will bring them good luck. Capello: ready to face England coach Fabio Capello confident a strong opponent, saying: "a difficult group stage the team is good, a team in the group stage stood the test of more favorable on this team at the next race, in particular, is an important game to change their attitude, withstood the pressure. My players have a spirit of iron will, they are now ready to face the more powerful rivals. "Germany coach Joachim Loew without fear of England, said:" The two teams entered the stadium is mutual respect. But there will be no fear, no matter for us or for England. "

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Deutsche Bank raised the stock rating to buy Adidas

According to foreign media reports, Deutsche Bank (Deutsche Bank) that, the adidas Group (jordan 2010 ) operating performance is good and holds together the advantages of currency exchange rates, these factors should be to improve the Group's profit to its stock rating from "hold" up to "buy." Deutsche Bank said: "We believe that one-quarter momentum will continue, even in the coming quarters there may accelerate. Reebok might give the new market launch of its best-selling products, while retailers Ye Hui restore confidence in the brand . We expect that after the World Cup the China market will increase sharply, it might even be stronger than the driving force for the World Cup. "

Monday, 28 June 2010

"Celebrate" can play nice arc

Loughborough University's sports physicist Dr Andy Harland is responsible for the Adidas World Cup in South Africa, the official game ball "Jabulani" a series of independent tests, he said that the high altitude areas in the flight path will be different, this an English football manufacturing experts further explained,: "The players need to adapt to this ball, such as ball speed at high altitudes near sea level in Johannesburg and Cape Town than would have to come fast, basically speaking, experimental proof, Renhe ball 1700 meters in height the ball is usually pull at least 5% faster. " Harland that those not familiar with the game ball fly faster rhythm keeper, apparently in response to the lack of adequate training in the frequency of exercise. Participation " women adidas " design work, said Hans-Peter Nürnberg decision footwork fancy ball trajectory! "We have seen some outstanding athletes, such as Lionel Messi, David Beckham is in superb foot law is known, because of their unique foot law, we can see the ball at their feet to kick it wonderful flight arc. "When asked," the impact of high altitude on the ball when ", Hans-Peter Nürnberg, said:" We can not create different for different altitudes of football, so I think this is the World Cup Travel special geographical environment, which are each team must adapt to and to know. "FIFA's official test in fact a series of rigorous tests, including content, including the circumference of the ball, water absorption, weight, shape , the ball can remain in the race and the pressure loss original circular. Will be attached below on this official ball "Jabulani" the test report and the FIFA standards. Is honored, "Jabulani" test result data are superior to FIFA's standards! Interview: Loughborough University's sports physicist Dr Andy Harland Q: Since "Jabulani" fully in line with FIFA standards, why some of the goalkeeper or some complain? A: Many different ball past the goalkeeper, said this of their training or competition in contact with the ball, especially in the high altitude environment, the ball so quickly, especially when the ball will fly in front of you, the goalkeeper will feel the ball faster, so the goalkeeper is the result of feedback from the ball than in the past this different. Because of the high altitude environment to be fair before the interview: Adidas Innovation Team Hans-Peter Nürnberg Q: Players can freely grasp of the operational features of this ball? A: We have see some good Players such as Messi, Beckham and Ronaldo are all in superb foot law known method determines their feet they can kick very beautiful arc, I think the characteristics of this ball can encourage good Players kick the curve ball, because they can "Jabulani" any curve they want. Interview: Loughborough University's sports physicist Dr Andy Harland Q: Many top players, said foot method is different from running the ball way, both different, so of you? A: It is now the ability to control the ball players have a lot of upgrade, we could feel this ball, if not feet Plus the Extra Xuanzhuan law, I really am Yuan. But the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dr. Kim Blair aerodynamic home once said football is not in motion the process of a pure round, basically like a flying wing-like objects as spherical air during the flight will influence, shape will produce changes. Q: This ball for different altitudes in South Africa and how climatic conditions will have a different kind of performance? A: We are in South Africa have different climatic conditions, different weather conditions, in addition to the different altitude, particularly in the high altitude of sea level compared to the performance of the ball will be different, but all we can not change, we can not change the ball's design or high-altitude and low altitude areas and to design a ball, so I think For each team, they all know some things before the competition is to adapt, and this fair to everyone. sphere circumference test: the consistency of the sphere circumference is one of football's major properties. A perfect circle the same ball can make the players better and control the soccer ball extraordinary run. To calculate the average soccer ball circumference, each Adidas game ball through 10 different test points to measure the sphere sphere circumference. The following are test results: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: 68.5 cm - 69.5 cm Adidas "jordan 2010 ": 69.0 cm (+ / - 0.2 cm) round ball endurance test: have a perfect round ball football soccer can help football players display their exquisite artistry. The more close to perfectly round ball, football performance in flight more stable, higher accuracy, predict the flight football the stronger sex. "JABULANI" only by the eight composed of epidermis, the new three-dimensional surface can play a better transfer of power and to reduce those formed after the flight football point of view the target area, while the sphere surface area of a single block of the increase will provide players more impact point. Adidas ball through 16 different points to measure the diameter of football, and calculate the average diameter of football. FIFA soccer ball diameter and the difference between the minimum diameter with strict rules. The following are test results: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: the maximum difference less than 1.5% Adidas "JABULANI": the maximum difference less than 1.0% water absorption test: the extent of wet and dry ball surface will affect the performance of football. One is wet football, and the flight speed and bounce height will be reduced, kicked out of the difficulty of rotating the ball will improve.阿迪达斯特 some thermal bonding technology enables high efficiency of the waterproof Adidas football performance, on the Adidas "JABULANI" The test results show that in dry and wet environment, the performance of exactly the same. Water absorption test in football, soccer squeeze into a water container and rotate 250 times, followed by weighing the weight of football. The container of water will also be in the water absorption test before and after weighing. FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: the sphere of not more than 10% weight gain Adidas "JABULANI": 0 increase the weight of the weight of the sphere test: usually every game needs more football, and for every football game are required to have the same performance, so the weight of the consistency of football essential. If the football weight is too light or too heavy, the angle of flight of the football and route will be difficult to predict. FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: weight between 420-445 grams Soccer Adidas "JABULANI": Football Weight 440 grams (+ / - 2 g) ball shape and size of the retention test: a soccer ball in a game played 2000 times on average to be around, and we need the performance of football from the start of the race's first minute to the last minute are consistent. To test the soccer ball on its own shape and size retention, FIFA approved standard requires a qualified football to 50 km per hour hit a steel plate 2,000 times, after the test, the ball pressure and the ball arcs only allows for very minor changes, and the spherical ball valve damage the stitching does not appear to be used for soccer games. The following test results: FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: 50 km per hour hit 2,000 Adidas "JABULANI": 50 km per hour crash test 3500 drum: drum test is for the Adidas Adidas innovation team Football special printing quality and durability of the surface of specialized testing. And the 2006 World Cup ball "+ Team Star" as Adidas "JABULANI" also with fully embedded in printing technology make football, the technology so that it has the best durability of the surface material, thus ensuring sphere pattern appearance. Rebound performance test: the use of the chest, thighs and feet and other parts to control the football or extraordinary times, very good football players need to be able to predict and control the rebound performance of football. In this unique test, from 2 meters high and several football down to a plate, soccer rebound from the ground between the maximum and minimum height difference can not exceed 10 cm. FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: no more than 10 cm Adidas "JABULANI": in 20 degree ambient temperature under test is 143 cm high bounce ball pressure test: If the soccer ball pressure change during the game, players will difficult to predict the direction of the football and run track, but football can not meet the requirements of the same rebound effect. In the test, after being fully inflated football aside, after three days and then measured the ball pressure. FIFA, soccer ball drop in pressure can not exceed a specific percentage of the ball pressure. FIFA approved the eligibility criteria: ball pressure drop of not more than 20% of the Adidas "JABULANI": ball pressure decreased less than 10%

Classic story to speak for the brand

Those international strong brands, large brands are the interpretation of a master story. Disney boss He Bode said: Disney is a story of the company, our ultimate recourse to the story, not business or technology. Because human emotions are common, and we need to do is use our story with our customers closely. women adidas is the world's first sports brand, a former shoemaker Adi Dassler Adidas brand's founder. Adi Dassler is also a track and field sports enthusiasts, his mid-20s in the last century have created the world's first pair of soccer shoes, nail skins. 1954 World Cup in Switzerland, the Adi Dassler provides the world's first embedded screw soccer shoes to help the German football team over five hurdles, won the World Cup final success. Since then, the Adidas brand also Barghouti's reputation as the largest source market of the dominant soccer supplies. LV is a country with 100 years of history of the leather goods brand, Louis XIII worked for the legendary background of royal service luxury brand to become "synonymous." In the course of development of the brand, LV, product quality improvement and moving story of the pursuit of the industry and consumers in the lips, they add luster to the brand for the LV. LV leather in the process after forming, the need for corrosion resistance, infrared, ultraviolet, and high fall so destructive test; LV leather used in all digital chain factory, to go through thousands of destructive testing; LV leather raw materials France and the United Kingdom of a strict selection of enclosed leather origin, so that even BMW have used their car seat is LV leather pride ... women adidas Coca-Cola's secret formula story has spread through the time tunnel to induce consumers Coca-Cola's curiosity and sense of identity, bringing people unlimited reverie, but also adds to the Coca-Cola in people's minds enduring charm. China's interpretation of the many excellent brands popular brand story. In 1915, when the people in the famous Panama International Fair on the "anger throwing bottle shock Kunitake," eventually won the Golden Delicious because wine was very hot. This laid the Maitai legend in China no one can match his "national liquor" supreme position. Haier refrigerator failed shatter the story of Zhang, Chinese enterprises focus on quality has become a "classic case." Zhang in the early days, faced with 76 sets quality problems of the refrigerator, declared that the fridge to all shatter, who did who hit and picked up a hammer sledgehammer hands and hit the first! At a price of more than 800 yuan refrigerator , equivalent to a two-income workers, many workers hit the refrigerator tears. It is this spirit, let Haier who took home three years after the first of China's refrigerator industry, a National Quality Award. Wide dissemination of this story, also Haier "sincere forever" brand image for him. It can be seen a remarkable growth of the brand process often accompanies many touching stories accompanied by the classic brand with consumers through the story of emotional exchange, and thus into the minds of consumers. Many stories are vivid brand enterprises in the unintentionally writing. Of course, in order to better shape the brand, but also requires us to be a caring people, the birth and development of the enterprise to explore the value conscious event, interpretation of the brand that can move people the story. Whether unintentional or purposeful, the brand story should be interpreted to follow the rules. First, any move people's stories are based on the pursuit of human good and the beautiful main theme, the brand story is no exception, so the brand story should uphold faith and love, to avoid false and vulgar; Second, the brand story should content itself with the characteristics of the brand with anastomosis, rote is often difficult to arouse emotional response; again, the brand story is a neutral statement, it needs without a trace of the Promises, not Zhang Yang deliberate hype! record and disseminate the brand development process that moving story of a legendary and let it speak for the brand.

Friday, 25 June 2010

You do not know the little cloth 10 things: bring it often to see CBA Finals MVP

1. A small cloth for the first time he touched Basketball is six years old, is the trainer of his mother. Small cloth young mother played basketball official, and later became a school basketball coach, so she would particularly like his son to become a basketball star. Small cloth that he was young, "not a good basketball play, and often my brother bullying." 2. A small cloth that he bought his first pair of JORDAN 2010 is a pair of Jordan shoes, then spent 125 dollars, he so "excited for a few days." Later, after signing shoe sponsor, small cloth without their shoes, because the sponsors will often send him shoes, basketball shoes, his current collection at between 100-200 pairs. 3.'s Visit to China last summer when the Chinese press to send a small cloth with a red Chinese knot, a small cloth that he had been to the Chinese knot hanging in his locker, "thanks to the Chinese knot, it brings me a lot of luck, I played in this season, 82 games, also got the Most Improved Player Award for the year. " 4. Small cloth to do the most to do is experience a return to skydiving, "I have always had this idea but has not yet been tried (parachuting) opportunities. Jumped from the plane, I think that would be a pieces of cool things. "jersey with the number 5.0 is actually not a small fabric of their choice," I wore in high school on the 30th, but this number was retired, and when I entered university, I told them I do not want any number, they took No. 0 jersey threw me, so I chose this number has no special meaning. "6. was still in his junior year, there will be a small cloth his daughter, when he learned that Yao Ming Dad would do, he actively guided the Yao, "I think I was doing quite well, the key is to allow a child to do the things he wanted to raise a child ... ... the most important thing is to find a capable nanny." 7 . small cloth is usually the biggest hobby as bowling, the old Brooks said, "small cloth them the house in the living room at least four bowling alley." 8. Kentucky is a small cloth like to eat the food, one of the most enjoyable of his life in the moment while eating fast food, watching the Batman movies. 9. Small cloth usually also interested in China's nike shox torch league, he said he often read the relevant reports through the website, and he knows very popular in China, Wales and Marbury fans welcome. 10. Get the Most Improved Player award, a small cloth said his latest target is the ultimate goal is to "win the Finals MVP".

Thursday, 24 June 2010

Jordan has exclusive territories

Visit the Naismith Hall of Fame NBA is not easy. It is located in Massachusetts, Springfield (Springfield), and Boston, about 150 km away, at least one and a half hour drive can only be reached. It is a circular building, divided into three layers, a layer of equivalent service area, in addition to ticket office, entrance, there are souvenirs shops, restaurants, small cinema, a basketball court in addition to several pieces of different height of the basket training for fans of all ages to play. Equivalent to the second floor display area, an array of photos, jerseys, shoes, souvenirs about the NBA than half a century of history. Three equivalent viewing area, walking round the corridors, looked up, curved dome covered with photos of Hall of Fame player. It was at this all-inclusive place, Jordan has one only of their own territory. As in the hazy light of NBA history, Jordan is the most shining star. "Magic" Johnson once said: "Michael Jordan changed basketball, he is unique." Climb down the stairs on the second floor, a giant poster of Michael Jordan the first to greet the eye. He opened his arms, looking deep, as if things could fathom world. Right side of the walls, Jordan shoes, three-tier wedding banquet, a total 24 pairs, each pair represents an era that belongs to Jordan each pair of eyes in the crowd are regarded as treasures. Walked down the corridor delves, left, is the Michael Jordan Bulls six championships rate posters, each of them have been carefully chosen, for example in 1998, Jordan extended his arm, gesturing a "6" table, such as 1997 Jordan played in the final fell ill arms Pippen goes on. The bottom of each poster, are placed a year championship rings reproductions, one above each have a "cow" are each a symbol of a glorious history. The right hand side, a wall tells the history of the Jordan. Wall of the far left, wearing a blue 23 jersey, printed with a deformed top of the "M". In 1979, the Jordan high school wearing this shirt is the McDonald's High School League campaign. Shirt on the right, them the generation of a red Michael Jordan basketball shoes. In 1984, jordan 2010
Jordan tailored to its first basketball shoe, but the time does not permit players through the NBA basketball shoes in bright play, or a fine of USD 5,000 each. Nike back attitude is simple: a fine to, changing his shoes can not. So that season, Nike each have to pay a fine, but this is also the side's desire to inspire fans, Jordan started the brand in one fell swoop. The right shoes, but also placed Jordan retired the first period, the campaign used the helmet baseball sites inscribed his name. Further to the right, also arrayed his film "Space Jam" used props. Far from time to sigh, looked up, 6 Jordan shirt hanging in the Nike Air Force Ones , which during the 23 Bulls, Wizards 23 period, there effect on the dream team and so on during the 9. Of course, all this is not Michael Jordan shirt --- such as 45 in 1995. However, it seems a piece shirt tells a story about Michael Jordan, they stayed with Jordan, climbed to a peak after another. A fellow reporter had Hall of Fame a few years ago came to see this film belongs to Jordan's territory, he walked, said: "These are added to the year ... ... that is not ... ..." Two years ago, Jordan has not registered "church", when the Hall of Fame, it seems incomplete.

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jordan shoes fitted to his pocket

Seen so many classic Jordan Collection, "Shoes" door to a little child wants to give you something fresh and fun - Mini Air Jordan key chains, these mini-JORDAN 2010 sneakers work fine only about the size of your thumb, but the sparrow small fully-equipped, they work for small, no less than the real shoes. These mini sneaker artists CBG, has refined and redefined the details of these two concepts. In addition to miniature shoes, CBG back to the first year they produced a shoe box-identical, but also a mini size. The most amazing is that even these shoe boxes are made with tissues! These pocket-sized shoes, including Joe 1, Joe 3, 9 Joe, Joe 10 and Joe 13. Jordan last year countdown to the most popular series, is also among the collection of series.

Love bald supermodel Jordan shoes

Appleby - Rose (JORDAN 2010 ) socialite and model, best known as a hip-hop king Kanye - West (Kanye West) girlfriend. Appleby's stunning form by no means inferior LADY GAGA. Golden bald perfect interpretation of her hard-edged personality. It is learned that Albertine super fan basketball shoes, especially in love with Jordan Brand. Recently, in Philadelphia, named by Albertine be wearing Air Jordan III and Air Jordan IV and a series of sneakers. Let's take a look wonderful pictures.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Air Jordan 2010 Spring Summer New Release

As previously released some of the information, we will see in June Jordan classic three color, will release version of Chris Paul CP3 Signature Series. The following is part of the sale of shoes picture information. Over the past year, Jordan Brand's new products seem more and more disappointing. Spring and summer next year, Jordan Brand will release four different versions of the Jordan VI, jordan 2010 II will return, and based on the introduction of the original white / red / black color models, many people speculated that it was abandoned a few years ago to help low-snake version . As previously released some of the information, we will see in June Jordan classic three color, will release version of Chris Paul CP3 Signature Series. The following is part of the sale of shoes picture information.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

2010 NIKE new generation of white-black-blue Jordan 25 (shoes)

NIKE is the world's leading sports brand, the company is headquartered in Oregon, Beaverton. The company's health? The sports all-inclusive: clothing, footwear, sports equipment and so on. By listening to player feedback, JORDAN 2010 designers, with its sharp market insights, boldly reversed the different characteristics of different locations athletes wear shoes the same series of traditional scientific concepts. Designers looking for different characteristics of athletes develop targeted products, Nike will present three series came into being in this context ... ...

Jordan Retro 2010 Top masterpiece replica came

This year marks the 25th anniversary of Air Jordan's birthday, to celebrate the silver anniversary of this great, we hope to usher in early 2010 variety of popular masterpiece, including the subject of great concern all Air JORDAN 2010 VI (6) replica . NBA shoes king had continuous coverage of the war in the shoes of a black version and white version, that two pairs of shoes were replaced with the original red infrared color, then we would like to introduce is a distinctive new look. As shown, the two-war shoe pure black cow leather upper bus and a white car line phase contrast, and finally, the shoe is also equipped with a transparent outsole, such as the finishing touch general, support shoes for the whole program on a perfect full stop, and now has almost become the standard for every pair of VI. Below we will also show the shoes of the 1990-'91 version of the whole series, worth repeated comparisons, thin aftertaste.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Nike invited China Basketball fans to interact with the main Zhu Fangyu

Whole-hearted intention to play campaign, "LeBron James National tour has landed in Guangzhou Tianhe Sports Center, Speed Cat basketball city. Yesterday afternoon, the Chinese Basketball Nike specially invited fans to interact with the main Zhu Fangyu." From the CBA new season opens there are two weeks, this season the team has lineup changes, including new foreign aid to join, the most important thing is the team's run-in. "When asked when the CBA season preparations for war, Zhu Fangyu," said Harrison, the new, the large foreign aid, compared with the original Jackson have their own characteristics, but he is young, good strength, and we hope that he will become the new team defensive backbone, rebounds and blocks in the area to have more contributions. I personally hope he is still able to maintain relatively good competitive state in the new season to have good performance, to help the team continue to repeat as champions. "Chinese team after the team lost on Nike Shox R4 Championships, Zhu Fangyu that the next World Championship stage, the team's most important task is to maintain confidence." Competition has winners and losers, the most important thing is they have to build up confidence, We will fight in the World Championship win back the honor of the Chinese team. "He said. 2009 LeBron James LeBron James signature into the National Tour Review area shoes, basketball career review area, Nike Air Max LeBron VII product experience three main areas, the tour will be held in Guangzhou on 12 stations ends.

Nike Tiger Basketball Fight Summit 21 points on the Tangnatasi - Mundil Yunus

Tangnatasi - Mundil Yunus's name be hard reading, but more like NBA fans may remember the name. One of two meters tall and weighing 215 pounds of Mundil Yunus by many international scouts feel that next year's Speed Cat draft pick. One NBA scout to the Italian Treviso international team of both part-time as a forward center of the players can be compared to Dirk - Dirk Nowitzki and Andrei - Bargnani. When the Lithuanian players in the Nike Basketball on the contribution of the tiger flutter Summit 21 points, eight rebounds, while sent out 3 assists to help the international team defeated when the U.S. team, NBA scouts are very appreciative of his performance, his name immediately was recorded in their carry a notebook. "He has all the skills," one scout said. "Some people questioned his toughness and mental qualities, but despite his two meters one, but he can not only vote, but also transmission, superior athletic ability, but also steals. He has all the basketball ability." There are other to be the ball exploration are promising players: forward Jane - Wesley, part-time center forward Tomislav - Zubixike, swing Thomas - Satoransky, part-time center forward Kevin - Seraphim and Houweiaide text - Jackson

Nike signed a rookie in 2009 which

To have a pair of his signature shoe that every basketball player should dream of one thing. Recently, the deep pockets of Nike announced, including the draft pick Griffin in 2009, including 19 rookie has signed Nike, Rockets rookie Charles Budinger honor angry. Running Shoes Basketball Channel announced the signing of this message. In addition to the list of champion Blake Griffin also include the kings of Tai Ruike Evans (4th overall), Minnesota's Qiaonifulin (6th pick), Warriors Team Sidifenke years (7th pick), Charlotte's Gerald Henderson (11th overall), Indiana's 泰勒汉斯布鲁 (12th overall) and so on several draft pick front of the rookie. Rockets rookie Charles Budinger was very lucky Nike selected. Charles Budinger at this year's draft, the General Assembly on the 14th in the second round by the Rockets selected, and completed the contract in the preseason. Budinger joined the Rockets a total of five preseason games, showing commendable. Among them the game against Orlando had scored 17 points. Nike said the signing of the rookie players this year in Nike's Twitter (American micro-blog) to meet with you. In the preseason and the season they will be wearing Speed Cat shoes match.

Nike signed a rookie in 2009 which

To have a pair of his signature shoe that every basketball player should dream of one thing. Recently, the deep pockets of Nike announced, including the draft pick Griffin in 2009, including 19 rookie has signed Nike, Rockets rookie Charles Budinger honor angry. Running Shoes Basketball Channel announced the signing of this message. In addition to the list of champion Blake Griffin also include the kings of Tai Ruike Evans (4th overall), Minnesota's Qiaonifulin (6th pick), Warriors Team Sidifenke years (7th pick), Charlotte's Gerald Henderson (11th overall), Indiana's 泰勒汉斯布鲁 (12th overall) and so on several draft pick front of the rookie. Rockets rookie Charles Budinger was very lucky Nike selected. Charles Budinger at this year's draft, the General Assembly on the 14th in the second round by the Rockets selected, and completed the contract in the preseason. Budinger joined the Rockets a total of five preseason games, showing commendable. Among them the game against Orlando had scored 17 points. Nike said the signing of the rookie players this year in Nike's Twitter (American micro-blog) to meet with you. In the preseason and the season they will be wearing Speed Cat shoes match.

Monday, 31 May 2010

2009 classic series NIKE jacket

30 years, are all one of the key trends outfit, regardless of gender, identity and role, and put on display exclusive self-HOODY Jieneng unique style, today, HOODY popularity even reached the status of a staff , the clothing brand have also related to a single product of accumulated Hoody. In these 32 years, the leading sports brand nike, particularly to provide for hOODY form and technological breakthroughs, autumn and winter 2009, nike also made to the highest standards of technology, so that both function and appearance Hoody become the trend be used. Nike AW77 series has the highest standard of traditional norms and, indeed the history of the classic heritage. Nike Shox R4 in 1977, the third member of staff Geoff Hollister founded the Athletics West Track Club, this club has nurtured many of the world's top track and field athletes, but also the birthplace for innovative thinking. Athletics West's high-quality environment for the athletes away from the troubles to training, the club's long distance runners in Oregon to be cold and wet, difficult to accept a full year training environment; they want a universal Hooded Jacket, Geoff Hollister will be created France towel fibers AW77, he changed the past half-full zipper cardigan cardigan-jacket, and the degree of increase in warmth and fit of the body, while adding additional pieces in the neck, it is today It is well known for Scuba hood, but also a classic symbol for the AW77.

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Nike's brief and the following companies

Running Shoes, Inc. based in Beaverton, Oregon, dedicated design, sales and operating various types of sports and fitness activities of athletic footwear, apparel, equipment and accessories, in a leading position within the industry. Wholly owned Nike subsidiaries include: Cole Haan Holdings Inc., which designs, markets and distributes luxury shoes, handbags, accessories and coats; Converse Inc., which designs, markets and distributes athletic footwear, apparel and distribution ornaments; Hurley International LLC, which designs, markets and distributes action sports and youth lifestyle footwear footwear, apparel and accessories; and a global leader in the UK soccer brand Umbro Ltd..

2009 Winter Nike design new products for the yoga

Nike yoga clothing and accessories unique design allows you to do yoga, especially when feeling comfortable and yet stylish feel. Yoga clothing fabric used to make the performance and training services to reach the best level of comfort. Nike Dri-FIT fabric of sports specific, you can fully absorb the moisture on the skin, when wearing comfort. "The range of products is as full of vigor and vitality of young girls and unlimited design," Nike Air Force Ones Women's Training Department of the designer Masidika? Jones (Mystika Jones) said, "products of the type gives a vibrant, positive feeling, reflecting an evolution of yoga clothing. "Nike Nike YoGirl series of new dynamic yoga image - YoGirl is a permanent division of Nike's yoga practice. Her energy, its own way, but also with a touch of mystery. YoGirl role is to help publicize the Nike dynamic yoga training information.

Friday, 28 May 2010

2009 Converse to rock and roll spirit of the idea of winter clothing design

Converse independent rock spirit is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, 09 Converse winter clothing line will be fought in the U.S. concept of the origin of underground rock - Nike Air Force Ones , advocating treason underground youth culture is not about public fashion that gave birth to a completely self- street rock style. 09 winter, writing a series of design fun exciting rock grandeur, only in color, into a more low-key deep color, charcoal, burgundy, indigo, olive, camel, buckwheat color, from subtle changes in the experience of capture color fun. Of course, also essential for the crowning touch to the bright colors are red, Running Shoes , green gem arrived right on wearing them, not a dull combination of classic style, innovation and sustained burst of inspiration, combined with superior design has been focused on the introduction of flash material, definitely make you cool yet dull winter flow quickly come to the fore.

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

NIKE2010 refused to think outside the box spring run products

Tired of bondage, not to think outside the box? Even want to get rid of gravity? So, starting from the weight loss, try foot cloud Shenqingruyan feel it! The new product line running NIKE2010 spring, will play the ultimate product of light, and a variety of bright color, flavor wave as a sporting fashion indispensable single product family.
When 2010 comes, the higher the pursuit of science and technology in sports equipment to get the full show. In plain and simple appearance, is implicitly the full amount of low-key technology. Adopted an innovative "dynamic support system" cushioning support technology LunarElite, in the realization of ultra-light, it is also not lose cushioning and stability. Cushioning system which can deliver ultra-soft, ultra-light cushioning and explosive reaction, so that your normal daily life, experience the exquisite professional experience. And equipped with a dynamic support technology, but also allows you to adjust running posture, so that almost all of the runners, can feel cozy and comfortable flying moment.
Advance preparation of its profits. The pursuit of quality of life for people, even the seemingly simple running and need "special shoes special." A high-quality running shoes, when important not only in sports, usually walk of life, also to be very comfortable. Another strongly recommended Air Shoes products, sales history, as the lightest Nike running shoes, 156 grams is equivalent to normal outdoor shoes LunaRacer only 1 / 6 of the quality, not only the volume of light, color jumping, also feature in the 2008 Beijing shine on the Olympic event of technical support-Flywire (fly line technology) and the U.S. NASA Space Materials LunarliteFoam foam cushioning systems, both ultra-light quality and good stability. Come at the beginning of time, give friends or whether their is not only practical, but also tidal flavor, a love of sports fashion indispensable single-family product.

Even NikeStormfly Cheap Air Shoes running jacket is the best light ever created by one of the work, but it is not the original idea was to create the most light jacket, but only focus on creating a runner required to adapt to the most " appropriate "weight jacket. This versatile, waterproof windproof jacket for the wearer in adverse weather conditions to provide the necessary comfort and protection. 164 grams of weight, only the quality of ordinary cotton jacket 1 / 5, through the body, almost feel it's there, a light, while in fact been closely protected. Water without loss of excellent wind permeability, the color makes you jump into the most beautiful scenery on the road

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Puma Beijing theme of short-sleeved

2008 Beijing Olympic Games to make the world touched by a miracle, the world's next most successful event created by the great Chinese people, we are proud. With this impressive history of blink of an eye, Cheap Air Shoes launched a rated classic "Beijing" series of Tee, the Beijing show that the profound history and culture before the world, whether it is self-collection or showed off are the perfect theme. This is a series of Beijing Tee one of them, a Changhong across the screen, the background gray mark if it is to tell the old Beijing mottled memories of the ancient capital of six dynasties. Greeted the movement silhouette became a constant theme of the 2008 Olympics, won a large number of sports, so that the pieces of Tee become indelible memories bright spot.

2 injured in rocket will be held away from the playoffs two pairs of bull-winner

Beijing Cheap Air Shoes March 23, 2010, NBA regular season to continue. Though Scola finished with 22 points and 10 rebounds in two pairs, but the Brooks-17 shooting 3 accounted for only 9 points, and let the opposite Ross scored 27 points seven rebounds and 8 assists in quasi-three pairs, this is basically run out of explosive to describe the road Rockets also lost the game score of 88-98, more and more distant from the playoffs, while Jared Jeffries and the "sharp-tongued brother" Jordan - Greek Dole was also injured in the race, Rocket Man Ju lose the ball. The game after the Rockets score of 36 wins 33 losses, from the pioneers of the gap is widening again to the five games, and they have 13 games this season, Portland remaining 11 games, in such a short a distance of five games to catch up with the gap is almost impossible to accomplish things. Rockets side Scola scored 22 points and 10 rebounds in two pairs, Trevor Ariza scored 18 points, Martin scored 19 points off the bench Bading Ge scored 10 points. Bulls In addition to Ross, the Hinrich scored 17 points off the bench Murray scored 18 points.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Jordan officially announced the acquisition of the Charlotte Bobcats took a trapeze "awful mess"

With no world out of talent, Michael Jordan Cheap Air Shoes became a superstar; by virtue of Michael's ring and shrewd mind, he became a successful businessman; Now, he intends to Charlotte to meet the new challenges. Yesterday, the Union president David Stern said he hoped Jordan be able to get the boss by the end of March before the Committee's approval and officially became a major shareholder of the Charlotte Bobcats. Local time last Friday, just a few minutes before the close of the negotiations, Jordan and the Bobcats owner Bob Johnson agreed to be acquired to take over the continued loss of the mess. Joined the NBA six years, the Bobcats can neither get to the playoffs, not any to win the hearts of the fans, now's debt has reached 150 million U.S. dollars. Jordan's success in the business field can be renewed in Charlotte? "If he wanted to be a walk away dispensers, like Bob did, certainly not make any money." Bobcats minority shareholders in Felix Sabates said, "I think as long as Maikeerken determined and put into practice, he would be a very successful boss. After all, he's the greatest basketball idol card. "However, the big idols rarely seen in Charlotte. Although he in 2006 became the Bobcats have the right to decide the small shareholders, but has kept a low profile and rarely attended the team's training or competition, simply did not participate in marketing and daily management of the team of care assistants, were all handed over. However, the former Rockets general manager Qiaozhibosi Ballesteros believes that the acquisition has proved Jordan's sincerity. "Since the team has become a part of his personal net worth, he would be responsible in the end." 波斯特罗斯 said. Until yesterday, Michael Jordan remains silent. Sabates said he will not continue to buy shares, and speculated that Jordan is very likely buy all the shares of the team. "No matter how much Jordan's acquisition of the shares can not change the fact that Bob suffered huge losses." Sabates said, "Bob made some silly mistakes. He first had the problem in attitude, as if everyone owed him money -like. "At first, Johnson to the establishment of this expansion team in Charlotte, has invested 300 million U.S. dollars. His mistakes include: match tickets priced too high, and the team shareholder conflict in improving the team line-side does not, as so on. With the Bobcats in the game year after year failed, Johnson on the loss of millions of dollars every year. At the same time, greater mistake to wait for Johnson, it is to only have a small stake in Jordan as part of the management team lineup. Jordan's vision is notoriously not allowed. In 2001, he was champion for the Wizards selected Kwame Brown parallel; in 2006, he for the Bobcats selected Adam Morrison third overall parallel. However, Jordan is not in personnel management, good for nothing. Prior to last season, he persuaded Larry Brown as coach; from last season, so far, Charlotte has passed seven of transactions involving 21 players to improve the team lineup. At present, 28 wins 29 losses there is still hope the Bobcats hit the playoffs. "Everyone would like him to participate, I can not imagine the NBA without Michael Jordan would look like." Coach Brown said, "He was a good boss, give us much room for this. Thank God, he also come back. "guard Stephen Jackson also echoed the coach's opinion. In November last year, the Bobcats get through the transaction Jackson, is one of Jordan's most proud of handwriting. "I have the opportunity to continue the effectiveness of their most admired person, it's great!" Jackson said, "I believe he can find the right puzzle for us, let us become a steady playoff team." At present, League commissioner David Stern on the Jordan full of confidence. "Bob Johnson brought back the excitement of the NBA Charlotte. I believe that in order to Bobcats boss Michael Jordan returned to his home where the identity of the state, will continue in his course and the success of the business market." Sturgeon Yan said in a statement. Sabates are pertinent to express to Charlotte as his own home is the key to the success of Jordan; otherwise, he will face the business market in Charlotte's first Waterloo. "If Michael does not do so, he will waste a lot of money." Sabates said, "but Michael is very smart, he has a large number of excellent consultants. Air Shoes He can achieve success today is not because of stupidity. This is the greatest in this life, he investment. every game, he can attract 19,000 spectators attended the match, but only he is willing. "Peng Fei

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Some people say that to bring it play basketball shoes, nike Culture

It has been culture will use Cheap Air Shoes , play basketball, do not hit a few bad culture and shoes on and said how bad this shoe, how to look are false. Here to talk about his own a few points: First: nike shoes, originally designed to culture, not to those who play basketball, wear, and why? The reason is simple, nike have specialized nike basketball shoes, this is for those who love the game of basketball for the design, not only wear and design is also more professional, but simply reflect a culture and cultural shoes to give the cultural factors, only do not wear-resistant, easy to wear! Second: buy nike shoes, culture, meaning they should know it, do not kick down the ball say this shoe is not good, so easy to bad. Since it is a culture of shoes, why is it called culture? If you play basketball, that is, to degrade the culture nike shoes. 3rd: nike shoes is a kind of culture, fashion, leisure, and not yet reached the wear resistance as the consumption of intense basketball. To wear out is a casual state, a return to form.

Magnolia Love (film "Mulan" theme song)

Sun Yan Zi - Magnolia Love
Composer: Lee Shih Shiong
Authors: Yi Jia Yang Lrc: some background I can see clouds in the sky to see the chaos of flight, I listen to see a tear rolling battlefield Who is buried in the desert I forgot that I am a Who is Who told this Gray days awake in Montenegro sleep in the hometown of the Yellow River winds north of East Market yesterday who iron clothes horse waiting for you and me under the heartbreak from the trials and tribulations that I asked the sky is white with black heart buried a few drops of tears of a lifetime love back I remember flying forward the beauty of heaven and earth in a sea of the world incinerated at home, I drink well water has swallowed the taste of death let me past a glass of King said to himself, never back woke sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro to the wind North East Market yesterday's hometown who iron clothes horse waiting for you and me under the heartbreak from the trials and tribulations that I asked the sky is white with black heard the songs for a long time, and think this is quite a pleasant first. White is black, Cheap Air Shoes basketball shoes are black and white. Looking forward to "Mulan" movie!