Thursday, 26 August 2010

French team doctor and then exposed by eating 98-year doping scandal to win the World Cup win

South Africa's World Cup in France on Strike players just before the big trial ended on August 25 in the "Le Parisien" again be exposed a scandal, according to former team doctor for the French team - Pierre - Paclet revealed that in 1998 World Cup on the eve of the host team's patients blood samples seized most unusual, suggesting that relying on the French team has allegedly taking illegal drugs to win success (mens Jordan Shoes ) a major suspect.
Let - Pierre - Paclet this week will publish a biography books, records in the past for the French team services bit by bit, it certainly exposed the best-selling book points to shady scandal like the privacy. The day before the book was published, Paclet doctors to accept the "Le Parisien" interview, revealed that the Zhongda News: "For the World Cup in 1998 before the opening of the blood examination revealed a good few players quite exceptional French team . When you understand that this is the effect of which several players club, you certainly remember with a lot of suspicion, even a step back, take in the rules of the border is an open secret. "

Paclet doctors stressed that "I do not hide any facts, there is such a high blood cell density does not prove that they took the EPO (Running Shoes ), so we need not worry about what the evidence. State the reasons for victory, and this ratio anything else is more important, another year of economic growth that is the lifeline of the country, can not be shaken ... ... But anyway, you can not say if we can find trace evidence of tracking. "

This is not the first time questioned by the media that support the World Cup that year uniform doping, such as the effectiveness of Juventus's Zinedine Zidane was France captain Didier Deschamps has been investigated whether the injection of drugs in the club. Similarly, after "Equipe" has pointed out that the World Cup in France in 1998, many big teams have players take to the pharmacy in connection with a certain effect and not leave evidence of the handle being caught. Paclet doctors blood test revealed abnormal, in fact very difficult to take the medication as evidence of the players complained, but he did come forward, said it was public opinion on the French team's suspicion and mistrust will be aggravated.

There are also a rival show, such as the same in 1998 as the French team doctor Jean - Maher - Ferre, former colleagues on the express act of self-exposing scandals surprised as, in his view the situation from a doctor describing not Paclet so terrible: "We did not find anything, then a check is indeed found two cases of abnormal blood cell density, but only because the league very long fatigue. No one forced me to do any thing, my conscience is clean. Chaussures Sports "

2000 France became the World Cup and European Cup double winners, but years later, around the French football seems to only endless scandals and criticism. First Franck Ribery Benzema suspected of prostitution to prosecute child prostitution investigation, then that Anelka contradict Domenech, Evra, who boycotted training plan and a series of storms, who, rumor predecessors ate doping suspicion. Arguably considered the French national team's troubles, the French team's troubles with bad news far not known everything about genome.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Interview Ababa: the opening game to Qinxia too much competition for Newcastle United striker

Berbatov talk about the Community Shield victory, said he was on the champion's desire, and to explain why he felt able to become a Manchester United player, is very lucky ... PUMA FUTURE CAT

"This may be a part Ababa season," Ferguson Berbatov in the last week witnessed in the Community Shield game against Chelsea scored a fantastic goal in mind, said after.

It is the goal, but also ensure that the record Manchester United won the Community Shield the 18th championship, while Dimitar Berbatov says he is ready to become the team's key players, helping Manchester United win more this season champion honors ...

Beat Chelsea for the league championship this season, with what significance?

At the start of the season, to beat the top teams such as Chelsea, there is always a good thing, they are our league rival, the victory will no doubt everyone: players, officials and fans, a great encouragement, it was a tough race, but I think the team deserve to be the final winner.

But if we can not beat the league's opening match of Newcastle, this victory will be meaningless ... NIKE AIR MAX 360

Absolutely, we know it would be a tough game, and some players need to return to the national team in the week, international competition, but we are prepared well and train hard every day, the league's hope we can opening match of three points.

Newcastle is not a newly promoted general, they have a wealth of Premiership experience, just downgrade a season, returned to the Premier League, do you think of them this season what kind of results?

They are a good team, I had the opportunity and they had co-coach, which is in Tottenham, he is really good, a good man, a good coach, and I wish him and his team, can have good results this season, but not in the game!

You quit the national team in May, which is why, this is what your club career help?

All good things of the feast, long time ago, I said to myself, to almost 30 years old, would step down, more opportunities to young players, you need to know when to end, which for me is the right time, I can now put all focus to Manchester United in the season have more time to rest, and then watch their national competition.

You have done this summer, you take the time to analyze the successes and failures of last season it?

Yes, back home in Bulgaria, I have thought about these issues, we all want to win the league title and to pay all the efforts, but the result is disappointing, when one end of the season, next season beginning, in fact, not separated by a very long time, everyone now has a new well prepared.

Ferguson said that this season may belong to one of your season, do you agree?

I hope this is part of our season, the most important success of the team, Women are all the challenges before us do acheter air jordan fr , we all want each Bisai win for the fans to bring Kuai Le, for me, The significance of football in this.

Manchester United players have always said that every season can learn a lot, then at Manchester United two seasons, you learn anything?

When you are the best team for the effect of, you know they must work hard to achieve the level of the team would encourage you continue to grow, the golf course is so that when you join Manchester United, you will realize Here, you can learn a lot of young players, here is a school, teach them how to become the best player, this is a unique club, a real club like a big family, no matter where , as long as you say Manchester United, you immediately think, this is the world's largest club, you have the opportunity to come here to be clear from the team within this club, this is really very lucky.

Click into the Manchester United official website in Chinese
You are at the forward companion Hernandez has had outstanding performance on the court, you give him any advice, should the effectiveness of Manchester United after the huge concern?

I'm not used to recommend to others! He only needs to hear the views of close relatives and the coach to continue the current momentum, I've seen his World Cup goals, as well as in the preseason, the train and saw his performance in the competition He is a good man, if he can continue the current momentum, I think he can have a very bright future.

His arrival, as well as Owen back from injury, which head coach in the front line have more choices ...

Yes, absolutely, every match, the forward will be very fierce competition, but will also inspire you every day to maintain the best state, told the coach that you are progressing, it makes you get growth, the team will be very helpful.

Finally, your personal goals this season, what is? Chaussures Sports

I just want to have good performance and enjoy the game, more goals and assists, football is like art, my goal is to create some of the court, good things, help the team be successful, our goal is to re- won the league title, we know we have the strength to do it.