Thursday, 11 June 2009

more extensive tour of its prey

Puma Cat of the most widely discussed in the Americas (found from Canada to Argentina), the mountain lion is a solitary, strongly territorial hunting species. Unlike most cats, it killed during the day or night, but it is usually active only in the day in areas undisturbed, select hunting at night in populated areas, in order to avoid human beings. A good cheap puma shoes climber and excellent jumper is not able to leap more than twenty feet (6 meters), the animals to swim only when necessary. It is mainly large mammals feed, especially deer, but also eat coyotes, porcupines, beavers, rats, marmots, rabbits, raccoons, birds and even grasshoppers. Sometimes, waiting for the adoption of the game, but more extensive tour of its prey; men can cover up to 25 miles (40 kilometers) a night. It can go beyond the deer, but only a very short distance. After positioning of large prey smell or sound, it is usually to promote Puma Shoes slinks slowly, quietly, low to the ground and the abdomen, legs stretched to leap. It tried to stalk within 30 feet (9 meters), and then re-run of its hiding place and jumping to their victim's back, hindlegs to maintain the support of the ground, control and stability. Mountain lions killed their prey to bite into the back of the victim's neck. Where deer abound, adult Mountain Lion may kill an average of once a week. (This is often beneficial to the deer herd in order to prevent it from overpopulating.) Appeared in a rare, unexplained murder orgies, when a person has been killed a few deer or a group of sheep Puma shoes
at home one night. That carnivores eat meat it does not immediately leaves, sticks, just as material for future use, and may visit several cache. Usually remain silent, the mountain lion can produce a wide range of requirements, including screams, hisses, and growls. It is also the exercise of ear-piercing, ear-piercing whistle, it is clear the alarm, when the tree or it has been besieged; women's use of such a signal whistle, she Cubs. Bloodcurdling mating call for mountain lion has been likened to a woman's screams. Men have a large nest, do not overlap, and the other men; women have a smaller one, may overlap with other women, may be closed is a male. In the family within the scope of men (and sometimes women) is characterized by "scratch", piles of mud from the very beginning hindfeet.