Thursday, 4 August 2011

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Serie A - Milan 1-0 to take 1 point difference between 5-game winning streak to win the first ball Tieyao Year

May 1 is "Labor Day" evening 21:00, Serie A No. 35 started a war will focus, AC Milan vs. Bologna will lead the team. Final Milan beat Bologna 1-0, and achieved 5 consecutive League, Flamini wonderful start to soon break into the personal use of the 2011 goals in the first race, staged Serie A debut in Milan teenager Beretta, Della Rocca red card sent off the war. After winning the war, infinitely close to Milan from winning the last three points would ensure just shouting a victory. Inter beat the earlier Cesena, so AC Milan win celebration was postponed until at least next week, but if the current round of league defeat Milan Bologna, will be coupled with an insurance policy for the win. Two teams in Serie A history, a total of 126 war games, AC Milan 34 55 wins 37 losses level dominate the ball into the 194 fault, non 145; one of 16 home wins and 12 losses 35 position of absolute dominance, into 116 fault, non 55 balls. Milan starting line-up has made some adjustments, Ibrahim continued suspension, absence because of injury Pato, Robinho and Cassano continued to serve as strike partner, Boateng as the attacking midfielder. Midfield, Mark van Bommel accumulated yellow card suspension, Gattuso injury absence, back as captain midfielder Ambrosini and Clarence Seedorf, Flamini formed partner. Defense line, Gianluca Zambrotta Antonini to suppress left-back as the starter. Bologna first to kick-off. 8 minutes from the center of Milan for the first time threatened to lead, Robinho back in Zhise, Mathieu Flamini had break points employing the ball after the Wembley Santos broke into the restricted area 15 meters away from the door at his right foot low drive , although the goalkeeper threw himself to the ball but did not hit the ball far, Flamini 10 meters away from the door make Shekong Men succeed! 1-0, Milan get dream start. This is Flamini's first goal in 2011. The first 17 minutes, midfielder Clarence Seedorf picked biography, Cassano left the offside trap to form single-handedly into the restricted area, but he at 9 meters away from the door right foot stretch by goalkeeper denied Tui! 19 minutes, Robinho dribbling along the middle, after closing down flash Muding Kay 20 meters away from the door right foot volley, the ball was back Fengdang. 26 minutes, Boateng grabbed Meiqiaolini left foot of a small restricted to low mass, Robinho interference in the back at close range Tuishe play high! 33 minutes, Seedorf left pass, Bologna Rubin rescue teams mistakes, Flamini 9 meters away from the door at the higher small-angle volley. 37 minutes, Robinho on the right pass, Boateng 8 meters away from the door header leaping high hoisting the ball high. 38 minutes away from the door Meiqiaolini left foot volley from 20 metersAir Shoes , the ball was Milan defender Fengdang. 43 minutes, Mutaileili violations Tiago - Silva booked. 45 minutes, Robinho tucked back in the right, near the line of area Flamini right foot from the relevant statistic procedures, the ball was denied with the legs Viviano, Boateng 25 meters away from the door once again far shot,Puma Shoes the ball high. Neither halftime substitutions. 47 minutes, Meiqiaolini kick 21 meters away from the door at the free kick, he was the direct center of the box wall Fengdang. 53 minutes, Meiqiaolini violations Zambrotta, booked. Continuous put Della Rocca Bologna, Ramirez tried to strengthen the attack. 60 minutes, Milan missed the lore, Boateng left steals, Cassano sent pass from Robinho Road sudden formation of single-pole, but he was 16 meters away from the door at the relevant statistic procedures were rushed bravely Viviano out! After 1 minute, Abarth right-sided biography, Boateng header 10 meters away from the door hanging doors, the ball close to the lintel above. 69 minutes, then right-sided low-pass Diwa Yue 8 meters away from the door left Tui, the ball was Nesta Fengdang. Simon Ness Bologna put out of substitutions. The first 76 minutes, Bologna miss the opportunity to play the striker off the bench then the left corner from Simon Ness 9 meters at the door header, missed the ball close to the left column! 77 minutes away from the door Ramirez Nushe right foot from 20 meters, the ball fell to the ground by Abbiati was bashing. 80 minutes out of the left corner de la Roca, a penalty point leaps Wembley Santos header, missed the ball close to the right column! Allegri to make adjustments, Pirlo replaced Boateng, Ghana, when people leave has been standing ovation. 83 minutes, Della Rocca put behind the vicious shovel Nesta, the referee produced the red card to directly under penalty of Milan to 11 to 10! 86 minutes, put Allegri Beretta, Milan teenager staged debut, Cassano was replaced. 89 minutes, Pirlo with a cross, Seedorf interference in the back at 9 meters away from the door header, the ball high. 90 minutes, the Beretta line of area singles goalkeeper, but his low shot was Viviano be left. Injury time, Beretta 11 meters away from the door at the back left foot over right foot low shot button, the ball is Wembley Santos denied. The final end of the game, Milan 1-0 to take all 3 points. The two sides played team: AC Milan (4-3-1-2): 32 - Abbiati / 20 - Abate, 13 - Alessandro Nesta, 33 - Tiago - Silva, 19 - Gianluca Zambrotta / 16 - Mathieu Flamini, 23 - Massimo Ambrosini, 10 - Clarence Seedorf / 27 - Boateng (21 - Andrea Pirlo, 81 minutes) / 70 - Robinho, 99 - Cassano (51 - Beretta, the first 86 minutes) Bologna (4-2-3-1): 1 - Viviano / 18 - Molas, 13 -Air Shoes , 6 - Wembley Toth, 21 - Qie Lubin / 5 - muta Reilly, 26 - Muding Kay / 69 - Meiqiaolini (7 - Della Rocca, the first 54 minutes), 12 - Ecker Total (20 - Simon Ness , 71 min), 19 - Mateo - Rubin (10 - Ramirez, 54 minutes) / 9 - Diwa Yue

Monday, 27 December 2010

Nike controlled the American basketball team

Nike Shoes For Women control of the American basketball according to American media, in the U.S. national team can't become world champions seize the hero, the bucks guard Jennings grumble, he has to journalists, so can't be in the national team, because they are not of Nike signings.

Jennings performances last season, was on a jing scoring 55 points, but all this did not impress national team, he did not receive a letter from American basketball association international invitation, but he also come into the league with a rookie Evans and garage but into the dream team. Facing this embarrassing, Jennings in media before vent his displeasure. "This thing I said not, all in them. But if you want to know why this is, you really should observe carefully observe, (international) half of the players to wear Nike, I didn't say this and Nike relevant, but nike shoes sure operation have many things in it. "Jennings said.

"If the us team has me, it would appear to be particularly clever and lively, can I take some unusual things. But they don't want Under Armour (Jennings sneakers sponsor) to attract public attention."

Be worth what carry is, in USA 12 people lists, only Chauncey billups and Ross not Nike sponsorship. And in early August 25, Jennings had in micro blog writes: "they don't want me. Look Nike control of the American basketball team."

Jennings sponsor is NIKE company in American future competition Under Armour.

Wade not in a man fighting the lakers Miami "enemy" upgrade

Because once had ShaKuiEr o 'neill this man's existence, the lakers with heat, always a bit orlakers-spurs between QingQiu flavour, 2006, shaq help the heat get together with dwyane wade was first in the history AoBuLaiEn cup, previously, in 2000, 2001 and 2002, shaq with the lakers for three consecutive years to get the championship ring, have Bryant companions. Later, shaq left Miami, wade when I'm afraid to see kobe Bryant would some envy envy hate -- kobe Bryant nearby have pau gasol, and some all-star teammates, but wade is bit lonely, but from the beginning of this season, wade is no longer a person fight.
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"Feel very good!" Miami on Christmas wars beat the lakers after wade, saying: "I remembered the day before the, for the first time, we can, in the face of the lakers with elite teams in the guise, of course, they are very strong. This is the first time, I without in game inside with my teammates said: 'if we can put points in the fourth quarter gap down, so we'll have already been regarded as playing so well." "

The lakers tosha artest during pregame how will talk about their defensive lebron James said that he "strategy is to provoke lebron angry", but the result is same happy with dwyane wade lebron and nonchalance. "Little emperors" the scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, and this is his first three times this season to obtain "3 double", this also is Miami first time in the history of someone in the Christmas wars hit "3 double".
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The Christmas wars fundamental key from the beginning is not so "warm" and kobe Bryant, lebron's on the pitch against, through television pictures can see lebron has been murmured, post-match a journalist asked him at say what, lebron said: "I am to ask his Christmas got what gift?"

Mood obvious as dwyane wade and lebron good Bryant, he played 39 minutes, 16 shots only six of scored 17 points and six rebounds and seven assists, he said after the game, the lakers outshot badly, perhaps because consecutive title, a little confidence overslept. He said: "the game was need serious thing. You can't take two rings he said: 'enough, we had already have got something very satisfied." I can't let this situation development bottom go to."

Lakers coach phil Jackson also because his own dislikeable guardian, with Miami coach si Bohr Stella played a small "saliva wars." The heat by 8 victories and 6 defeats record after starting, phil Jackson has when interviewed said he believes the si Bohr Stella are likely to be "class", and they were pat riley replace manager position, at that time, polk Stella no comment. While in Christmas wars before the last training later, phil Jackson 45-day said he thought, Bohr Stella is "the best coach", the latter heard what had happened, disdain evaluation way: "I didn't want how to hit back yesterday, he may be a bit boring!" (

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hodgson: team performance penalty not to participate in the war in Europe somehow

September 25 Beijing time, Sunderland's 2-2 draw with Liverpool after the game, Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson told Sky Television in an interview. He said that although the team did not win some regret, but the team showed in the game the hard work and determination should be affirmed. In addition, he could not accept the penalty kick of the game.
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After the game, Liverpool had a three victorious, with just 6 points to finish 15th in standings, Hodgson did not win the game for the team was very disappointed, but he also affirmed that the performance of his disciples. Hodgson said: "This is not the result we want. We need a win. But overall, we need such a performance."
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For the first 25 minutes the referee awarded a penalty Sunderland, Hodgson that the referee is to find balance. "I think the penalty is the referee to give them compensation. I do not agree this is a handball. Handball must be intentional, but no one can convince me this is a deliberate handball. I'm really surprised about this penalty."

Sunderland successfully removed in 1 minute at Anfield, Hodgson that this is their strength is. The team also gains in this game a lot. "Sunderland are a good team. They have good players, if we can not defend well, then they will give you create a lot of trouble. But in these 90 minutes, I think we are worthy of recognition 1 point better than to get more meaningful. I'm sure fans will appreciate the team's efforts and determination of the players. It was a little progress. "
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But Hodgson in the end should be more efforts to remind the players, after all, still can not behave like this in the fierce war in Europe to win the Premier League qualification. "Premier League this season, very intense. If we can win the game today, maybe will find the standings we have stayed at the fourth or fifth position. I do not think we are like a team should want to participate in the war in Europe Some performance. competition between teams and players are very keen. We need to work harder to unite as a team. a lot of new players this season to join the team, but we do not have enough time to run teams. through the efforts You can see our results. Rome was not built in a day, we must work hard. Of course, I have a group of hardworking players. they will all try to make their own better. "

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Huntelaar appearance Schalke Magath: I hope he can get 25 goals

Beijing on September 8, just in the European Cup qualifier Huntelaar scored twice to help the team win the official debut Schalke 04. Coach Felix Magath personally presided over the ceremony and handed the team's No. 25 jersey Huntelaar hands. The new season will be the Netherlands front of God and his old teammate at Real Madrid's Raul up front alongside Schalke 04's "Royal" will be officially declared war to the Bundesliga.Airshoes

European Championship qualifier in the first two games, Huntelaar state fiery, sweeping all five balls and help the team take six points. Ongoing goal is clearly to help the Dutch striker out of the poor play last season in the shadow of Milan, in talking about the new season goals, Huntelaar said with confidence: "Schalke 04 is an excellent team, but has not won the championship for many years. I came to Germany just to help the team win, I am happy to accept this challenge. "
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Coach Felix Magath can not help but express his appreciation for the Dutch striker: "I believe that Huntelaar will quickly integrate into our team. He was one of the top players always know where you can goals, and excellent final blow. "Huntelaar in the team for the role, Magath said he would take up the task team of the arrow character. Huntelaar is clearly pleased with this: "In the month before the World Cup, I have been playing right-avant-garde in Milan. This is not my characteristic rhythm is also completely wrong. I like the activities in the restricted area, where I always to find scoring opportunities. "for his strike partner Raul, Huntelaar is clearly not new:" Raul is a great player and we have no problem with each other. "
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Huntelaar from Milan to introduce 14 million euros spent Magath, Huntelaar also understand their intention to introduce the team: "It is simple, to help the team win is my goal. It may be very difficult We can not win in the new season, but the season has just begun, the team is still adjusting, everything in time. "

Becau Air Jordan Chaussures se of their often wear jersey No. 9 and 11 spoken for at Schalke 04, Huntelaar chosen 25. Magath said this confidently: "25? Yes, I hope he can progress in this season, at least 25 balls!"

Thursday, 26 August 2010

French team doctor and then exposed by eating 98-year doping scandal to win the World Cup win

South Africa's World Cup in France on Strike players just before the big trial ended on August 25 in the "Le Parisien" again be exposed a scandal, according to former team doctor for the French team - Pierre - Paclet revealed that in 1998 World Cup on the eve of the host team's patients blood samples seized most unusual, suggesting that relying on the French team has allegedly taking illegal drugs to win success (mens Jordan Shoes ) a major suspect.
Let - Pierre - Paclet this week will publish a biography books, records in the past for the French team services bit by bit, it certainly exposed the best-selling book points to shady scandal like the privacy. The day before the book was published, Paclet doctors to accept the "Le Parisien" interview, revealed that the Zhongda News: "For the World Cup in 1998 before the opening of the blood examination revealed a good few players quite exceptional French team . When you understand that this is the effect of which several players club, you certainly remember with a lot of suspicion, even a step back, take in the rules of the border is an open secret. "

Paclet doctors stressed that "I do not hide any facts, there is such a high blood cell density does not prove that they took the EPO (Running Shoes ), so we need not worry about what the evidence. State the reasons for victory, and this ratio anything else is more important, another year of economic growth that is the lifeline of the country, can not be shaken ... ... But anyway, you can not say if we can find trace evidence of tracking. "

This is not the first time questioned by the media that support the World Cup that year uniform doping, such as the effectiveness of Juventus's Zinedine Zidane was France captain Didier Deschamps has been investigated whether the injection of drugs in the club. Similarly, after "Equipe" has pointed out that the World Cup in France in 1998, many big teams have players take to the pharmacy in connection with a certain effect and not leave evidence of the handle being caught. Paclet doctors blood test revealed abnormal, in fact very difficult to take the medication as evidence of the players complained, but he did come forward, said it was public opinion on the French team's suspicion and mistrust will be aggravated.

There are also a rival show, such as the same in 1998 as the French team doctor Jean - Maher - Ferre, former colleagues on the express act of self-exposing scandals surprised as, in his view the situation from a doctor describing not Paclet so terrible: "We did not find anything, then a check is indeed found two cases of abnormal blood cell density, but only because the league very long fatigue. No one forced me to do any thing, my conscience is clean. Chaussures Sports "

2000 France became the World Cup and European Cup double winners, but years later, around the French football seems to only endless scandals and criticism. First Franck Ribery Benzema suspected of prostitution to prosecute child prostitution investigation, then that Anelka contradict Domenech, Evra, who boycotted training plan and a series of storms, who, rumor predecessors ate doping suspicion. Arguably considered the French national team's troubles, the French team's troubles with bad news far not known everything about genome.