Monday, 27 December 2010

Wade not in a man fighting the lakers Miami "enemy" upgrade

Because once had ShaKuiEr o 'neill this man's existence, the lakers with heat, always a bit orlakers-spurs between QingQiu flavour, 2006, shaq help the heat get together with dwyane wade was first in the history AoBuLaiEn cup, previously, in 2000, 2001 and 2002, shaq with the lakers for three consecutive years to get the championship ring, have Bryant companions. Later, shaq left Miami, wade when I'm afraid to see kobe Bryant would some envy envy hate -- kobe Bryant nearby have pau gasol, and some all-star teammates, but wade is bit lonely, but from the beginning of this season, wade is no longer a person fight.
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"Feel very good!" Miami on Christmas wars beat the lakers after wade, saying: "I remembered the day before the, for the first time, we can, in the face of the lakers with elite teams in the guise, of course, they are very strong. This is the first time, I without in game inside with my teammates said: 'if we can put points in the fourth quarter gap down, so we'll have already been regarded as playing so well." "

The lakers tosha artest during pregame how will talk about their defensive lebron James said that he "strategy is to provoke lebron angry", but the result is same happy with dwyane wade lebron and nonchalance. "Little emperors" the scored 25 points, 11 rebounds and 10 assists, and this is his first three times this season to obtain "3 double", this also is Miami first time in the history of someone in the Christmas wars hit "3 double".
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The Christmas wars fundamental key from the beginning is not so "warm" and kobe Bryant, lebron's on the pitch against, through television pictures can see lebron has been murmured, post-match a journalist asked him at say what, lebron said: "I am to ask his Christmas got what gift?"

Mood obvious as dwyane wade and lebron good Bryant, he played 39 minutes, 16 shots only six of scored 17 points and six rebounds and seven assists, he said after the game, the lakers outshot badly, perhaps because consecutive title, a little confidence overslept. He said: "the game was need serious thing. You can't take two rings he said: 'enough, we had already have got something very satisfied." I can't let this situation development bottom go to."

Lakers coach phil Jackson also because his own dislikeable guardian, with Miami coach si Bohr Stella played a small "saliva wars." The heat by 8 victories and 6 defeats record after starting, phil Jackson has when interviewed said he believes the si Bohr Stella are likely to be "class", and they were pat riley replace manager position, at that time, polk Stella no comment. While in Christmas wars before the last training later, phil Jackson 45-day said he thought, Bohr Stella is "the best coach", the latter heard what had happened, disdain evaluation way: "I didn't want how to hit back yesterday, he may be a bit boring!" (

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