Thursday, 16 July 2009

Apple iphone cell phones in Chinese generation of factory Working overtime from does not have the overtime pay

The Apple Company issued the other day "in 2009 Supplier Community responsibility Progress report", embezzles the staff overtime pay as well as the salary from the insolation its China generation of factory existence is lower than questions and so on local minimum wage level, this causes the apple the domestic supplier becomes “the storm” once more center.

The report declared that in last year's audit, produced iPhone cell phones and a iPod MP3 83 Chinese generation of factory has 45 not to pay the staff overtime pay, 23 paid the wages was lower than the local minimum wage.

Apple spokesperson Steve · Dowling indicated that the apple starts from 2007 to examine supplier's laborer treatment, has taken many measures to improve an its Chinese generation of factory external and the contract system laborer's condition, at present, the Apple Company has requested the generation of factory adjustment measure, guarantees the staff legal gain. But the apple aspect has not been able to reorganize the supplier question to make the concrete request and explicit reorganizes the time limit.

This generation of factory forces staff one week to work for 81 hours, and refuses to pay the overtime pay. American Nation Laborer Committee manager Ke Nahan (Kernaghan) said: “as a result of global scale's economic recession influence, the working condition is backing up.”

  Looking from the present present situation, the coastal city electron generation of labor factory embezzles the staff wages to become the common phenomenon.   

The global financial crisis led to a significant shrinkage of assets for people. "china wholesale" demonstrate the might. most of them would like buy the cheap cell phones now .

Accepts an apple ipod Shenzhen generation of factory's staff who a bit net consults to disclose that this staff has worked for four years in this factory, four year period this staff nearly daily operating time above 12 hours, one month generally only then one day of rest, but this factory has never given this staff overtime pay, last year the financial crisis starts to affect this factory, the staff continually 810 Yuan wage is very now difficult to take every month entire.