Thursday, 3 December 2009

IPhone, priced 199 U.S. dollars,Smart Jobs will do lose money?

The new iPhone 3G mobile phones price listed 199 U.S. dollars, its lethality over the pricing itself, Apple take concrete actions to subvert the traditional phone ecology, bring down the price of iPhone at the same time, get more profits. Even more frightening is the world's top programmers are beginning to quietly gathered around the iPhone.

"IPhone 3G will not cost the world more than 199 U.S. dollars." When the San Francisco at 11:45 on June 9th, Steve Jobs announced a new 3G version of iPhone's global prices, the crowd of more than 3,000 guests a round of applause, in the downstairs watching the big screen broadcast of the thousands of programmers number is even more excited scream. Need to know in June 2007, the first iPhone when available, 8GB version of the asking price 599 U.S. dollars, even after high profits for the consciences are moved to Apple, iPhone price will be adjusted to 299 U.S. dollars, can not be issued with the new U.S. dollar relative to 199. Moreover, 199 U.S. dollars in this new version of iPhone, support for 3G networking, built-in GPS navigation module, a number of additional software features, you can connect with Microsoft Exchange service packs to achieve push e-mail, you can also handle a variety of Office documents.

Smart Jobs will do lose money? No one will believe this assumption, Apple in the past with AT & T and the like telecom operators in the call revenue share business model will no longer be any room for compromise. If the first-generation iPhone with AT & T's business agreement, Apple will be their profits on the sale of the heavy head is also iPhone phone itself, only to AT & T's phone calls into a value-added profit, then such commercial 3G iPhone will be a balance weight into the side of a telephone operator, telephone hardware itself a loss of phone carriers must rely on the proceeds to make up. Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster more, it is the profits of a new version of iPhone models a bold forecast, he estimated that AT & T will subsidize each 3G iPhone up to 499 U.S. dollars to compensate for the Apple iPhone hardware revenue losses. As long as a month for each iPhone user an honest operators to pay 69 U.S. dollars to the cost of two years, you can create a 1656 U.S. dollars in revenue, 499 U.S. dollars and 199 U.S. dollars the difference between, compared to 1656 U.S. dollars is indeed negligible. Including the operations of the European 3G version of iPhone, O2 and T-Mobile, and Softbank in Japan and Hong Kong "and Hutchison Telecom", in fact accepted this subsidy model. This model will allow iPhone 3G to the rapid expansion of worldwide sales, anyway, the mainstream telecom operators in Europe are also used to subsidize contract strategy, as an ordinary user, per month, like tens of dollars to pay monthly phone charges , contracted to buy iPhone just a month to pay an extra ten dollars, contracted to buy Nokia or Samsung cell phones are more temptations. On the other hand, for Apple and telecom operators, iPhone 3G on the spot to activate the compulsory contract system, mean that long-term profits amplification, each user to pay more than 5 U.S. dollars per month even if it costs far more than an ordinary smart phone proceeds Moreover, much higher than the iPhone's user stickiness and other traditional mobile phone manufacturers Nokia. So good at cost-conscious people will find that from a practical point of view on the use of assessment, iPhone 3G more expensive than first-generation iPhone, though cheap cell phones 200 dollars, could be in the U.S. market two years of the use of iPhone 3G more expensive than first-generation iPhone to be more than 160 U.S. dollars.

but rather for the iPhone will gain control of the hand-held phone industry business rules of the doubt, taking place in Apple's developers conference filled. "AT & T will no longer tolerate users 'escape'." In Apple's Developer Conference, San Jose, programmers from Puls search chatting up eating a free lunch, "AT & T hate Asians, and we have heard of China mobile networks, there are more than 400,000 cracked iPhone in use, and even Saudi Arabia has 30000 cracked iPhone in use, may be AT & T has received a penny can not only sell mobile phones in the collection of Apple's hardware profits, which is certainly not Joe Booth and the global mobile phone operators want to see, mention that at present the world's 22 countries or regions will be available for iPhone 3G, and there are 70 countries have or plan to be launched iPhone. "So on the spot activation, as 199 U.S. dollars iPhone control crack commercial magic. The price of 3G iPhone released in the next day, AT & T issued a clear internally on the sale of the rules must be in Apple retail stores or AT & T stores to activate within the spot, meaning that iPhone buyers of the future must be signed with the telecom operators, the use of two-year contract. Hua Fei new iPhone 3G to know the minimum 39 dollars a month, free talk time of 450 minutes, the data traffic fee is 30 U.S. dollars per month for monthly system.