Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Puma Beijing theme of short-sleeved

2008 Beijing Olympic Games to make the world touched by a miracle, the world's next most successful event created by the great Chinese people, we are proud. With this impressive history of blink of an eye, Cheap Air Shoes launched a rated classic "Beijing" series of Tee, the Beijing show that the profound history and culture before the world, whether it is self-collection or showed off are the perfect theme. This is a series of Beijing Tee one of them, a Changhong across the screen, the background gray mark if it is to tell the old Beijing mottled memories of the ancient capital of six dynasties. Greeted the movement silhouette became a constant theme of the 2008 Olympics, won a large number of sports, so that the pieces of Tee become indelible memories bright spot.

2 injured in rocket will be held away from the playoffs two pairs of bull-winner

Beijing Cheap Air Shoes March 23, 2010, NBA regular season to continue. Though Scola finished with 22 points and 10 rebounds in two pairs, but the Brooks-17 shooting 3 accounted for only 9 points, and let the opposite Ross scored 27 points seven rebounds and 8 assists in quasi-three pairs, this is basically run out of explosive to describe the road Rockets also lost the game score of 88-98, more and more distant from the playoffs, while Jared Jeffries and the "sharp-tongued brother" Jordan - Greek Dole was also injured in the race, Rocket Man Ju lose the ball. The game after the Rockets score of 36 wins 33 losses, from the pioneers of the gap is widening again to the five games, and they have 13 games this season, Portland remaining 11 games, in such a short a distance of five games to catch up with the gap is almost impossible to accomplish things. Rockets side Scola scored 22 points and 10 rebounds in two pairs, Trevor Ariza scored 18 points, Martin scored 19 points off the bench Bading Ge scored 10 points. Bulls In addition to Ross, the Hinrich scored 17 points off the bench Murray scored 18 points.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Jordan officially announced the acquisition of the Charlotte Bobcats took a trapeze "awful mess"

With no world out of talent, Michael Jordan Cheap Air Shoes became a superstar; by virtue of Michael's ring and shrewd mind, he became a successful businessman; Now, he intends to Charlotte to meet the new challenges. Yesterday, the Union president David Stern said he hoped Jordan be able to get the boss by the end of March before the Committee's approval and officially became a major shareholder of the Charlotte Bobcats. Local time last Friday, just a few minutes before the close of the negotiations, Jordan and the Bobcats owner Bob Johnson agreed to be acquired to take over the continued loss of the mess. Joined the NBA six years, the Bobcats can neither get to the playoffs, not any to win the hearts of the fans, now's debt has reached 150 million U.S. dollars. Jordan's success in the business field can be renewed in Charlotte? "If he wanted to be a walk away dispensers, like Bob did, certainly not make any money." Bobcats minority shareholders in Felix Sabates said, "I think as long as Maikeerken determined and put into practice, he would be a very successful boss. After all, he's the greatest basketball idol card. "However, the big idols rarely seen in Charlotte. Although he in 2006 became the Bobcats have the right to decide the small shareholders, but has kept a low profile and rarely attended the team's training or competition, simply did not participate in marketing and daily management of the team of care assistants, were all handed over. However, the former Rockets general manager Qiaozhibosi Ballesteros believes that the acquisition has proved Jordan's sincerity. "Since the team has become a part of his personal net worth, he would be responsible in the end." 波斯特罗斯 said. Until yesterday, Michael Jordan remains silent. Sabates said he will not continue to buy shares, and speculated that Jordan is very likely buy all the shares of the team. "No matter how much Jordan's acquisition of the shares can not change the fact that Bob suffered huge losses." Sabates said, "Bob made some silly mistakes. He first had the problem in attitude, as if everyone owed him money -like. "At first, Johnson to the establishment of this expansion team in Charlotte, has invested 300 million U.S. dollars. His mistakes include: match tickets priced too high, and the team shareholder conflict in improving the team line-side does not, as so on. With the Bobcats in the game year after year failed, Johnson on the loss of millions of dollars every year. At the same time, greater mistake to wait for Johnson, it is to only have a small stake in Jordan as part of the management team lineup. Jordan's vision is notoriously not allowed. In 2001, he was champion for the Wizards selected Kwame Brown parallel; in 2006, he for the Bobcats selected Adam Morrison third overall parallel. However, Jordan is not in personnel management, good for nothing. Prior to last season, he persuaded Larry Brown as coach; from last season, so far, Charlotte has passed seven of transactions involving 21 players to improve the team lineup. At present, 28 wins 29 losses there is still hope the Bobcats hit the playoffs. "Everyone would like him to participate, I can not imagine the NBA without Michael Jordan would look like." Coach Brown said, "He was a good boss, give us much room for this. Thank God, he also come back. "guard Stephen Jackson also echoed the coach's opinion. In November last year, the Bobcats get through the transaction Jackson, is one of Jordan's most proud of handwriting. "I have the opportunity to continue the effectiveness of their most admired person, it's great!" Jackson said, "I believe he can find the right puzzle for us, let us become a steady playoff team." At present, League commissioner David Stern on the Jordan full of confidence. "Bob Johnson brought back the excitement of the NBA Charlotte. I believe that in order to Bobcats boss Michael Jordan returned to his home where the identity of the state, will continue in his course and the success of the business market." Sturgeon Yan said in a statement. Sabates are pertinent to express to Charlotte as his own home is the key to the success of Jordan; otherwise, he will face the business market in Charlotte's first Waterloo. "If Michael does not do so, he will waste a lot of money." Sabates said, "but Michael is very smart, he has a large number of excellent consultants. Air Shoes He can achieve success today is not because of stupidity. This is the greatest in this life, he investment. every game, he can attract 19,000 spectators attended the match, but only he is willing. "Peng Fei

Saturday, 6 March 2010

Some people say that to bring it play basketball shoes, nike Culture

It has been culture will use Cheap Air Shoes , play basketball, do not hit a few bad culture and shoes on and said how bad this shoe, how to look are false. Here to talk about his own a few points: First: nike shoes, originally designed to culture, not to those who play basketball, wear, and why? The reason is simple, nike have specialized nike basketball shoes, this is for those who love the game of basketball for the design, not only wear and design is also more professional, but simply reflect a culture and cultural shoes to give the cultural factors, only do not wear-resistant, easy to wear! Second: buy nike shoes, culture, meaning they should know it, do not kick down the ball say this shoe is not good, so easy to bad. Since it is a culture of shoes, why is it called culture? If you play basketball, that is, to degrade the culture nike shoes. 3rd: nike shoes is a kind of culture, fashion, leisure, and not yet reached the wear resistance as the consumption of intense basketball. To wear out is a casual state, a return to form.

Magnolia Love (film "Mulan" theme song)

Sun Yan Zi - Magnolia Love
Composer: Lee Shih Shiong
Authors: Yi Jia Yang Lrc: some background I can see clouds in the sky to see the chaos of flight, I listen to see a tear rolling battlefield Who is buried in the desert I forgot that I am a Who is Who told this Gray days awake in Montenegro sleep in the hometown of the Yellow River winds north of East Market yesterday who iron clothes horse waiting for you and me under the heartbreak from the trials and tribulations that I asked the sky is white with black heart buried a few drops of tears of a lifetime love back I remember flying forward the beauty of heaven and earth in a sea of the world incinerated at home, I drink well water has swallowed the taste of death let me past a glass of King said to himself, never back woke sleeping in the Yellow River in Montenegro to the wind North East Market yesterday's hometown who iron clothes horse waiting for you and me under the heartbreak from the trials and tribulations that I asked the sky is white with black heard the songs for a long time, and think this is quite a pleasant first. White is black, Cheap Air Shoes basketball shoes are black and white. Looking forward to "Mulan" movie!

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Jordan's classic moments

1.1997 years, February 9 Key words large-triple Nike Air Shoes

This year's All-Star Game MVP is the Glen - Rice, but this is perhaps the greatest injustice in the history of NBA. Because Jordan went so far in this game played 14 points and 11 rebounds and 11 assists in a triple-double performance, you know, that was the All-Star Game for the first time big triple.

2.2003 years, February 22 Key words 40-year-old 43 minutes

Wizards were to impinge on the playoff places, New Jersey's dominant team returned the Atlantic area. Jordan once again staged incredible myths, the old 40-year-old scored 43 points and 10 rebounds, which is also the first NBA history, a player older than 40 years old on the pitch can also win more than 42 points.

3.1987 & 1988 take-off free-throw line dunk contest Keywords

Of the last century 80's, the NBA Slam Dunk contest of the most exciting moments, especially Jordan and Dominique - Wilkins, the two men for three consecutive years in the 1986-1988 confrontation. Michael Jordan slam dunk contest in 1986, more than 147 points Final 136 points after losing Wilkins, in the next two years, he dedicated to us the history of the most exciting basketball dunk performances, including the popular take-off one hand of the free-throw line dunk.

4.1995 years, March 28 keywords Knicks, 55 points, 45

This season, retired two years, cheers and challenges in Jordan comeback. This is his fifth comeback of the game, the basketball Mecca, known as Madison Square Garden, wearing jersey No. 45, Jordan scored 55 points mad to prove "a better trapeze His Majesty has been returned."

5.1986 years, April 20 keywords 63 points Cheap Air Shoes

This is Jordan's career playoff-high points, this is personal single-game NBA playoff record of highest score. The face of Larry - Bird-led Celtics, Jordan scored almost 63 points magic in general, He scored 41 in the cast along with five rebounds, 22 assists and 3 steals 2 blocks 6. Although the Bulls lost to rivals eventually, and swept in the first round encounter, but the union has been felt all young people who are different from this energy.

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Full of daring NIKE basketball shoes, basketball shoes of all charge of the development of air-cushion

I was a child, obsessed on the store shelves on the rows of beautiful shoes that last time quietly took his numerous spectacular or brilliant dream once, then the number of nights, dream that they have reached a looking forward to the other side, but each will have to reach out to touch it when the beautiful dream of Epiphyllum always let me back to reality. Looking back to those innocent childish now past, vague remnants of a few points clear background actually has a current favorite. Had their dedication and their own dreams on the same incomprehensible, so many years have passed, people have changed Quemo allow me to give up dream flowers. Since the first time I saw a child that embedded in the middle of the small windows of shoe I was deeply fascinated by it, until later did I learn the name pair of shoes: AIR REVOLUTION, how representative the name of, ah, air-cushion is indeed a a complete revolution, abandoned in the end of the thick sponge rubber, so that the air flowing under our feet, in fact, my weight, I could enjoy the kind of air-spring feel. Air Science and Technology from time to time there will be a qualitative leap, this leap directly contributed to today's air-cushion technology matures, and each time a leap which is the air-cushioned shoes for a pair of specific signs, these signature air-cushioned shoes are all I will indispensable collection, that has been in full charge of air-cushion easiest exciting basketball shoes, basketball shoes and the full charge of air-cushion layer has always been out of the classic models. But with the emergence of ZOOM AIR, exposed air-cushion gradually began to stagnate, in addition to running shoes where the reference came from a full charge of air-cushion, the external air-cushion shoes is a basket case, and until last year, the emergence of another AIR MAX 360 Air basketball shoes again kindled the hope of its derived AIR MAX 360 BASKETBALL also depicts the glorious history of Air basketball shoes, AIR MAX 360 BASKETBALL yes Nike Air Shoes BASKETBALL FORCE series of the most cutting-edge products. And this new structure of the most successful parts of air-cushion is completely eliminated in the bottom of the foam structure, flooding the entire air-cushion midsole, this time from full charge of air-cushion so that we bid farewell to bubble at the end of an era. The emergence of AIR MAX 360 BASKETBALL I inadvertently sank into the recollections of past events, those who are not brilliant and Guanghua nature again returned to my eyes ...... in 1995, NIKE fancy a is full of talent, talented, once in a decade of basketball talent. Technology, speed, power, pitch perfect combination of vision, the new generation all-round striker representatives. This person is CHRIS WEBBER, a talented power forward. NIKE will be in the history of the first pairs of basketball shoes before and after the charge of external cushion gave him. At the time of the historical background, a simple air-cushion worship was repeatedly exaggerated, ordinary MAX AIR can no longer satisfy the vanity of youth, AIR MAX SENSATION appearance of making up for this gap, a pair of basketball shoes completely external cushion has finally been born . Although the AIR MAX SENSATION performance can only be said to be unsatisfactory, but the emergence of pre-charge of external air-cushion has been herald an era, as the spokesmen of the outbreak, before and after the palm cushions AIR MAX SENSATION will also bring a new basketball shoe Historical Chronology.

AIR MORE UPTEMPO Nike basketball shoes is absolutely the most dazzling history of one of the milestones, NIKE has always been to constantly upgrade the capacity to defend the air-cushion cushion the lead. In 1996, when it is young arrogant like the movement the first time I saw the Nike Air shops basketball shoes, brought down from the shelves of shoes exudes a unique charm, each line are attractive to me, a long time can not be put down, and now think was cute, but it is holding a pair of basketball shoes on the front substantially opposite the light through those transparent sole shining on my face, it is so, even some intoxicated, I pointed across the entire vamps that big "AIR" the words said to his mother: "Look, this is the most advanced sports shoes, air-cushioned shoes." This beautiful "AIR" I will build on today's hobby, I love shoes, and started Nalv see the sun through the air-cushion, while the pair has a substantially "AIR" the word shoes is my first love.

AIR MORE UPTEMPO Nike basketball shoes is absolutely the most dazzling history of one of the milestones, NIKE has always been to constantly upgrade the capacity to defend the air-cushion cushion the status of the current pattern of the hind paw to play to make, after all, NIKE finally was played dynasty laid the basis of a card: full charge of the exposed air-cushion, multi-chamber air cushion (MAX2 AIR) successful development of the originally sealed in the inside bottom of the release of the full charge of air-cushion EVA layer of protection, this most practical of all palm cushion before and after the combination is different from the previous charge of air-cushion, AIR MORE UPTEMPO and on it the first time the entire palm MAX AIR worship of the consumer on the air cushion into a peak, as big as a totem of the general "AIR" marked out the word Nike superior confidence, will cushion the culture of worship into a peak, is also from this unprecedented casting, the latter will no longer be able to go beyond its glorious milestone. As has just been on track UPTEMPO SERIES official successor, AIR MORE UPTEMPO is truly brilliant this series to bring a pair of shoes, but then people who endorse AIR MORE UPTEMPO is UPTEMPO SERIES best voice: PIPPEN, with AIR MORE UPTEMPO natural fit like a pair of lovers, a time when the golden age of his career Pippen has a disdain League game and three championship rings, UPTEMPO SERIES preached around the farm owned by an ideological position of the ball style embodied by the PIPPEN most vividly, the NBA history, the most comprehensive small forward during the year to reach the pinnacle of his career, standing wearing AIR JORDAN XI side with him, God won the overall championship was wearing a Batman AIR MORE UPTEMPO . Air ShoesMORE UPTEMPO aside in the company's products in the directory status is not that it should be the most bright spot in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, has just won the NBA championship that year Pippen with his AIR MORE UPTEMPO in Atlanta for the U.S. "Dream Team" and writing the myth of the undefeated, but also likes to "the best small forwards in the history" of the title as the world's approval. In 1998, DUNCAN draft pick status in order to enter the NBA, and with the NIKE contract, NIKE shoes during the year for the center created a commanding height: TOTAL AIR FOAMPOSITE MAX. This is almost an era of technology, crystallization, NIKE all the most cutting-edge technologies are used in his possession, except for epoch-making FOAMPOSITE technology, TOTAL AIR FOAMPOSITE MAX will be a new term into the field of the whole palm cushion-TL AIR, such MAX AIR combines all the advantages and build on the charge of all the locations before and after the air-cushion air cushion later became synonymous with the whole palm, this time from the appearance point of view, the bottom side has disappeared into obscurity. TOTAL AIR FOAMPOSITE MAX to a historic high prices on the stage, thunder beat in the same year launched numerous classic shoes, when the world really has the feeling of the Son of Heaven temporary, full-time charge of Air basketball shoes has also reached the peak of its golden age. Dragon in the world arrogance does not allow any queries.