Friday, 5 February 2010


WADE 5 SAMPLE exposure at the beginning people have been filled with expectations, after all, the WADE 4 is Wade ruthless "abandoned" after the application of a pair of CONVERSE reason has a "breakthrough" in the new Nike Air Shoes to regain "Dwyane," trust. Science and technology is the WADE family's often-criticized lack of source, so WADE 5 on the CONVERSE first conduct of science and technology "upgrade." As with previous WEAPON EVO, like, WADE 5 Also in the heel equipped with a new BALLS TECHNOLOGY, this technology through the end of a number of polyurethane materials, spherical cushioning unit provides cushioning and rebound capabilities. Compared to the traditional midsole cushioning technology, BALLS TECHNOLOGY not only can reduce the excess material in the bottom, and its compact size also effectively reduces the thickness of the bottom, so that your feet closer to the ground, enhancing the stability of the market followed by the sense of fully interpret the essence of the concept of a FEEL. New technology is indeed enhanced WADE 5 medium at the end of the performance, but compared to the same star shoes, only followed by the BALLS TECHNOLOGY apparently does not impress WADE 5 occupying edge in science and technology, so CONVERSE again joined a chic upper TPU support structure, through the ankle beneath the metal mesh and external eyes and shoes with the shoes attached to TPU skeleton will be put ankle firmly locked. Wade kept getting injured, under the premise of this course is very targeted TPU device, but its actual performance has been a "nightmare." When your ankle is fixed to live at the same time this device, you will find not sufficient to fill thin barrier TPU upper bracket blunt the edge of an extension to the eye of the cusp part of the shoe is even more relentless in the activities tingling ankle. ..... Of course, you could be attributed SAMPLE version of this issue has not been established, but imagine Wade tried for what later would be on this evaluation? Perhaps we should not all the blame they all add to WADE 5 - a new attempt, after all, always bear the risk of failure, but Wade has been think of killing themselves, this development can only prove that the mistakes in the basketball product line CONVERSE to "chew" reality.