Thursday, 4 August 2011

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Sunday, 1 May 2011

Serie A - Milan 1-0 to take 1 point difference between 5-game winning streak to win the first ball Tieyao Year

May 1 is "Labor Day" evening 21:00, Serie A No. 35 started a war will focus, AC Milan vs. Bologna will lead the team. Final Milan beat Bologna 1-0, and achieved 5 consecutive League, Flamini wonderful start to soon break into the personal use of the 2011 goals in the first race, staged Serie A debut in Milan teenager Beretta, Della Rocca red card sent off the war. After winning the war, infinitely close to Milan from winning the last three points would ensure just shouting a victory. Inter beat the earlier Cesena, so AC Milan win celebration was postponed until at least next week, but if the current round of league defeat Milan Bologna, will be coupled with an insurance policy for the win. Two teams in Serie A history, a total of 126 war games, AC Milan 34 55 wins 37 losses level dominate the ball into the 194 fault, non 145; one of 16 home wins and 12 losses 35 position of absolute dominance, into 116 fault, non 55 balls. Milan starting line-up has made some adjustments, Ibrahim continued suspension, absence because of injury Pato, Robinho and Cassano continued to serve as strike partner, Boateng as the attacking midfielder. Midfield, Mark van Bommel accumulated yellow card suspension, Gattuso injury absence, back as captain midfielder Ambrosini and Clarence Seedorf, Flamini formed partner. Defense line, Gianluca Zambrotta Antonini to suppress left-back as the starter. Bologna first to kick-off. 8 minutes from the center of Milan for the first time threatened to lead, Robinho back in Zhise, Mathieu Flamini had break points employing the ball after the Wembley Santos broke into the restricted area 15 meters away from the door at his right foot low drive , although the goalkeeper threw himself to the ball but did not hit the ball far, Flamini 10 meters away from the door make Shekong Men succeed! 1-0, Milan get dream start. This is Flamini's first goal in 2011. The first 17 minutes, midfielder Clarence Seedorf picked biography, Cassano left the offside trap to form single-handedly into the restricted area, but he at 9 meters away from the door right foot stretch by goalkeeper denied Tui! 19 minutes, Robinho dribbling along the middle, after closing down flash Muding Kay 20 meters away from the door right foot volley, the ball was back Fengdang. 26 minutes, Boateng grabbed Meiqiaolini left foot of a small restricted to low mass, Robinho interference in the back at close range Tuishe play high! 33 minutes, Seedorf left pass, Bologna Rubin rescue teams mistakes, Flamini 9 meters away from the door at the higher small-angle volley. 37 minutes, Robinho on the right pass, Boateng 8 meters away from the door header leaping high hoisting the ball high. 38 minutes away from the door Meiqiaolini left foot volley from 20 metersAir Shoes , the ball was Milan defender Fengdang. 43 minutes, Mutaileili violations Tiago - Silva booked. 45 minutes, Robinho tucked back in the right, near the line of area Flamini right foot from the relevant statistic procedures, the ball was denied with the legs Viviano, Boateng 25 meters away from the door once again far shot,Puma Shoes the ball high. Neither halftime substitutions. 47 minutes, Meiqiaolini kick 21 meters away from the door at the free kick, he was the direct center of the box wall Fengdang. 53 minutes, Meiqiaolini violations Zambrotta, booked. Continuous put Della Rocca Bologna, Ramirez tried to strengthen the attack. 60 minutes, Milan missed the lore, Boateng left steals, Cassano sent pass from Robinho Road sudden formation of single-pole, but he was 16 meters away from the door at the relevant statistic procedures were rushed bravely Viviano out! After 1 minute, Abarth right-sided biography, Boateng header 10 meters away from the door hanging doors, the ball close to the lintel above. 69 minutes, then right-sided low-pass Diwa Yue 8 meters away from the door left Tui, the ball was Nesta Fengdang. Simon Ness Bologna put out of substitutions. The first 76 minutes, Bologna miss the opportunity to play the striker off the bench then the left corner from Simon Ness 9 meters at the door header, missed the ball close to the left column! 77 minutes away from the door Ramirez Nushe right foot from 20 meters, the ball fell to the ground by Abbiati was bashing. 80 minutes out of the left corner de la Roca, a penalty point leaps Wembley Santos header, missed the ball close to the right column! Allegri to make adjustments, Pirlo replaced Boateng, Ghana, when people leave has been standing ovation. 83 minutes, Della Rocca put behind the vicious shovel Nesta, the referee produced the red card to directly under penalty of Milan to 11 to 10! 86 minutes, put Allegri Beretta, Milan teenager staged debut, Cassano was replaced. 89 minutes, Pirlo with a cross, Seedorf interference in the back at 9 meters away from the door header, the ball high. 90 minutes, the Beretta line of area singles goalkeeper, but his low shot was Viviano be left. Injury time, Beretta 11 meters away from the door at the back left foot over right foot low shot button, the ball is Wembley Santos denied. The final end of the game, Milan 1-0 to take all 3 points. The two sides played team: AC Milan (4-3-1-2): 32 - Abbiati / 20 - Abate, 13 - Alessandro Nesta, 33 - Tiago - Silva, 19 - Gianluca Zambrotta / 16 - Mathieu Flamini, 23 - Massimo Ambrosini, 10 - Clarence Seedorf / 27 - Boateng (21 - Andrea Pirlo, 81 minutes) / 70 - Robinho, 99 - Cassano (51 - Beretta, the first 86 minutes) Bologna (4-2-3-1): 1 - Viviano / 18 - Molas, 13 -Air Shoes , 6 - Wembley Toth, 21 - Qie Lubin / 5 - muta Reilly, 26 - Muding Kay / 69 - Meiqiaolini (7 - Della Rocca, the first 54 minutes), 12 - Ecker Total (20 - Simon Ness , 71 min), 19 - Mateo - Rubin (10 - Ramirez, 54 minutes) / 9 - Diwa Yue