Saturday, 25 September 2010

Hodgson: team performance penalty not to participate in the war in Europe somehow

September 25 Beijing time, Sunderland's 2-2 draw with Liverpool after the game, Liverpool manager Roy Hodgson told Sky Television in an interview. He said that although the team did not win some regret, but the team showed in the game the hard work and determination should be affirmed. In addition, he could not accept the penalty kick of the game.
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After the game, Liverpool had a three victorious, with just 6 points to finish 15th in standings, Hodgson did not win the game for the team was very disappointed, but he also affirmed that the performance of his disciples. Hodgson said: "This is not the result we want. We need a win. But overall, we need such a performance."
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For the first 25 minutes the referee awarded a penalty Sunderland, Hodgson that the referee is to find balance. "I think the penalty is the referee to give them compensation. I do not agree this is a handball. Handball must be intentional, but no one can convince me this is a deliberate handball. I'm really surprised about this penalty."

Sunderland successfully removed in 1 minute at Anfield, Hodgson that this is their strength is. The team also gains in this game a lot. "Sunderland are a good team. They have good players, if we can not defend well, then they will give you create a lot of trouble. But in these 90 minutes, I think we are worthy of recognition 1 point better than to get more meaningful. I'm sure fans will appreciate the team's efforts and determination of the players. It was a little progress. "
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But Hodgson in the end should be more efforts to remind the players, after all, still can not behave like this in the fierce war in Europe to win the Premier League qualification. "Premier League this season, very intense. If we can win the game today, maybe will find the standings we have stayed at the fourth or fifth position. I do not think we are like a team should want to participate in the war in Europe Some performance. competition between teams and players are very keen. We need to work harder to unite as a team. a lot of new players this season to join the team, but we do not have enough time to run teams. through the efforts You can see our results. Rome was not built in a day, we must work hard. Of course, I have a group of hardworking players. they will all try to make their own better. "

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