Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Huntelaar appearance Schalke Magath: I hope he can get 25 goals

Beijing on September 8, just in the European Cup qualifier Huntelaar scored twice to help the team win the official debut Schalke 04. Coach Felix Magath personally presided over the ceremony and handed the team's No. 25 jersey Huntelaar hands. The new season will be the Netherlands front of God and his old teammate at Real Madrid's Raul up front alongside Schalke 04's "Royal" will be officially declared war to the Bundesliga.Airshoes

European Championship qualifier in the first two games, Huntelaar state fiery, sweeping all five balls and help the team take six points. Ongoing goal is clearly to help the Dutch striker out of the poor play last season in the shadow of Milan, in talking about the new season goals, Huntelaar said with confidence: "Schalke 04 is an excellent team, but has not won the championship for many years. I came to Germany just to help the team win, I am happy to accept this challenge. "
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Coach Felix Magath can not help but express his appreciation for the Dutch striker: "I believe that Huntelaar will quickly integrate into our team. He was one of the top players always know where you can goals, and excellent final blow. "Huntelaar in the team for the role, Magath said he would take up the task team of the arrow character. Huntelaar is clearly pleased with this: "In the month before the World Cup, I have been playing right-avant-garde in Milan. This is not my characteristic rhythm is also completely wrong. I like the activities in the restricted area, where I always to find scoring opportunities. "for his strike partner Raul, Huntelaar is clearly not new:" Raul is a great player and we have no problem with each other. "
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Huntelaar from Milan to introduce 14 million euros spent Magath, Huntelaar also understand their intention to introduce the team: "It is simple, to help the team win is my goal. It may be very difficult We can not win in the new season, but the season has just begun, the team is still adjusting, everything in time. "

Becau Air Jordan Chaussures se of their often wear jersey No. 9 and 11 spoken for at Schalke 04, Huntelaar chosen 25. Magath said this confidently: "25? Yes, I hope he can progress in this season, at least 25 balls!"

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