Thursday, 26 August 2010

French team doctor and then exposed by eating 98-year doping scandal to win the World Cup win

South Africa's World Cup in France on Strike players just before the big trial ended on August 25 in the "Le Parisien" again be exposed a scandal, according to former team doctor for the French team - Pierre - Paclet revealed that in 1998 World Cup on the eve of the host team's patients blood samples seized most unusual, suggesting that relying on the French team has allegedly taking illegal drugs to win success (mens Jordan Shoes ) a major suspect.
Let - Pierre - Paclet this week will publish a biography books, records in the past for the French team services bit by bit, it certainly exposed the best-selling book points to shady scandal like the privacy. The day before the book was published, Paclet doctors to accept the "Le Parisien" interview, revealed that the Zhongda News: "For the World Cup in 1998 before the opening of the blood examination revealed a good few players quite exceptional French team . When you understand that this is the effect of which several players club, you certainly remember with a lot of suspicion, even a step back, take in the rules of the border is an open secret. "

Paclet doctors stressed that "I do not hide any facts, there is such a high blood cell density does not prove that they took the EPO (Running Shoes ), so we need not worry about what the evidence. State the reasons for victory, and this ratio anything else is more important, another year of economic growth that is the lifeline of the country, can not be shaken ... ... But anyway, you can not say if we can find trace evidence of tracking. "

This is not the first time questioned by the media that support the World Cup that year uniform doping, such as the effectiveness of Juventus's Zinedine Zidane was France captain Didier Deschamps has been investigated whether the injection of drugs in the club. Similarly, after "Equipe" has pointed out that the World Cup in France in 1998, many big teams have players take to the pharmacy in connection with a certain effect and not leave evidence of the handle being caught. Paclet doctors blood test revealed abnormal, in fact very difficult to take the medication as evidence of the players complained, but he did come forward, said it was public opinion on the French team's suspicion and mistrust will be aggravated.

There are also a rival show, such as the same in 1998 as the French team doctor Jean - Maher - Ferre, former colleagues on the express act of self-exposing scandals surprised as, in his view the situation from a doctor describing not Paclet so terrible: "We did not find anything, then a check is indeed found two cases of abnormal blood cell density, but only because the league very long fatigue. No one forced me to do any thing, my conscience is clean. Chaussures Sports "

2000 France became the World Cup and European Cup double winners, but years later, around the French football seems to only endless scandals and criticism. First Franck Ribery Benzema suspected of prostitution to prosecute child prostitution investigation, then that Anelka contradict Domenech, Evra, who boycotted training plan and a series of storms, who, rumor predecessors ate doping suspicion. Arguably considered the French national team's troubles, the French team's troubles with bad news far not known everything about genome.

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