Monday, 27 December 2010

Nike controlled the American basketball team

Nike Shoes For Women control of the American basketball according to American media, in the U.S. national team can't become world champions seize the hero, the bucks guard Jennings grumble, he has to journalists, so can't be in the national team, because they are not of Nike signings.

Jennings performances last season, was on a jing scoring 55 points, but all this did not impress national team, he did not receive a letter from American basketball association international invitation, but he also come into the league with a rookie Evans and garage but into the dream team. Facing this embarrassing, Jennings in media before vent his displeasure. "This thing I said not, all in them. But if you want to know why this is, you really should observe carefully observe, (international) half of the players to wear Nike, I didn't say this and Nike relevant, but nike shoes sure operation have many things in it. "Jennings said.

"If the us team has me, it would appear to be particularly clever and lively, can I take some unusual things. But they don't want Under Armour (Jennings sneakers sponsor) to attract public attention."

Be worth what carry is, in USA 12 people lists, only Chauncey billups and Ross not Nike sponsorship. And in early August 25, Jennings had in micro blog writes: "they don't want me. Look Nike control of the American basketball team."

Jennings sponsor is NIKE company in American future competition Under Armour.

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